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Updated by JeromeWetzelTV on 2012-12-10 13:58:17

What do our writers think you should buy, if you are inclined to make TV-themed purchases? Check out the Gift Guides below to find out!

2013 Disney Blu-ray Gift Guide

Article first published as 2013 Disney Blu-ray Gift Guide on Blogcritics. Walt Disney is always a great source for films, with many memorable classics, as well as new entries coming out all the time. This gift guide highlights some of the most recent releases by Disney that I had a chance to review. Any of them would make terrific Christmas gifts for your loved ones of any age. Plus, each of thes...

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2013 ‘Doctor Who’ Gift Guide

Article first published as 2013 ‘Doctor Who’ Gift Guide on Blogcritics. With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who here, you know there are plenty of great new products on the market, just in time for Christmas. This guide is meant to highlight some of the coolest things recently released, though is not a complete, exhaustive list. Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1-7 Limited Edition Bl...

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2012 Doctor Who Gift Guide

It's hard to decide what to buy the people in your life for Christmas. Gift guides can be useful, but only if they are specific to the person you are shopping for, and are generally only useful if made by fans of the thing being recommended. As Doctor Who mania seems to be sweeping the United States, making the long-time British hit popular on this side of The Pond, too, I thought a Doctor Who gi...

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