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TV Buzz

Welcome to the TV Buzz section. This part of the site contains all you need to know about:

Jerome-ing the TV Landscape

Jerome Wetzel has been reviewing television shows for years now. However, not every thought can be contained in an article about a single episode, and sometimes it's fun to look at the bigger picture. Join him each week in this wandering essay column as he ponders trends and genres, giving you his insights and opinions into the current state of television.

Gift Guides

What do our writers think you should buy, if you are inclined to make TV-themed purchases? Check out the Gift Guides below to find out!

Competitions and Giveaways

Find all the latest competitions and giveaways on TheTVKing.com

The passion of fans

This column, contains posts and artciles, showing fans passions for their favourite TV shows.

TV Show Lists

Lists. Everyone loves looking at top 10 lists and here on TheTVKing, we are putting together our very own lists. Based on TV shows, we have have our own range of lists on the way from TV reviewers and guests.  Take a look an see if you agree.

Top Brand New TV

The latest and greatest TV shows.

Cancelled TV shows

This page will provide links to the lists of cancelled TV shows.

TV Show Air Dates

On this page you can find links to the sections which list air dates for TV series premiers in the UK and USA.

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