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You can find all of your favourite TV shows on the TV King as well as discovering some of your old favourites.
Simply start typing in the search box at the top to begin your search.
For the adventurous why not click the "Lucky Dip" button, who knows what you may discover.


Do you have a group of shows you watch every week?
Do you miss the first episode of a series or after a hiatus?
Then the TV King has the perfect solution, simply add the show to your favourites list by clicking "+ favourite" and then sign up for the schedule email on your profile page. So you never need to miss an episode again.


The main aim of the TV King is to allow users to find legal links to watch TV shows online. Unlike other sites the TV King does not just provide links for the USA but if you are in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom or USA, the TV King has links for you. All you have to do is pick the best link for you. The national flag next to the link shows you in which country that link will work.


You are now in control of your TV. No need to set the VCR when you have the TV King to help you catch up on your TV. Add shows to your favourite list and set up the daily email to get your own customised TV guide in your inbox every day.
Don't like a show any more? Remove it from your favourites. You're in control of what you watch.


Found a legal link to a episode we don't have?
Then simply add the link and help out your fellow users. Remember no links to copyrighted material.


Still have questions?
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If you can't find the answer then fill out the contact form.
I will respond as long as you are not trying to sell me SEO or other spam, promise.

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