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House- After Hours- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 25th May 2011

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House performs bathtub surgery on himself to get out the tumors from his leg muscles. He goes to get more compound from the rat researcher and sees the autopsy photos of the gigantic rat tumors. House asks about the symptoms, which he has experienced while trying to entertain hookers by lifting stacked amplifiers. When House finds out the rats are dead from tumors he freaks out and performs MRI scans and X-rays on himself.

Thirteen’s prison roommate steals a car, crashes it and staggers up a stairway and then shows up at her halfway house bleeding from vicious stab wound. Thirteen answers the door in shock.
Darien says not to take her to the hospital because she’ll get sent back for consorting with felons. She makes Thirteen promise.

Thirteen finds no internal bleeding. Thirteen says if she bleeds out she’ll go to jail for manslaughter. Darien says that Andrew stabbed her as a distraction. Darien said she is using again.There is no pulse in the arm at all.

Foreman walks in on Eric and Ruby, the redheaded hospital intern. Ruby is pregnant. Foreman takes Eric clubbing.

Thirteen calls Chase and wakes him up for a nap. She asks him to check out a portable ultrasound machine. Thirteen says her bathroom is plugged up and a plumber costs too much. Thirteen gets Chase to get the equipment but he sees her clothing is dry. He knows she lied about the bathroom. He comes in to see Darien has an aortic aneurysm and hepatitis C. Thirteen tells Chase about prison and killing her brother. Chase processes this and treats the woman.

Eric and Foreman go to a strip bar to discuss the pregnancy. He says he is too selfish to be a dad but is considering it. He keeps watching the strippers and talks about impending fatherhood. He questions the mole on the stripper’s back and gets tossed from the VIP room for touching the merchandise. Eric waits in the car after Foreman leaves to tell the stripper about her mole. Nobody else is around.

When the stripper comes out Eric gets out of his car and the frightened stripper pulls a gun on him. She makes Eric turn around and get on his knees while she says she can’t go through that again. Eric doesn’t breathe until her truck careens out of the parking lot.

Thirteen says she will call the drugs in and Chase can pick them up. But the woman starts having hallucinogenic episodes. Chase returns with the meds but Darien is worse. Chase says they have to get her to a hospital. Chase Darien confesses on the way to a hospital she was a copy. She killed a kid who was 19 when she was on the job. Thirteen refuses to let Chase take Darien to the hospital and they physically fight over it. Thirteen really starts hurting him and then Chase knocks Thirteen down on the floor. They are both stunned at the violence.

House performs a nightmarish surgery on himself in the bathtub. (He is clearly worried about a amputation diagnosis if the condition is seen from another surgeon). He damps his forehead on a rolled up towel and injects himself with a series of pain injections and throws the used sharps on the bathroom floor. House works quickly and gets one tumor but gets in trouble with cramps and call Wilson and Eric who do not answer. Foreman does not answer. He calls Cuddy.

Cuddy is sleeping but  wakes up and her daughter is watching a pirate cartoon. She comes over and House says she was the last one on the list but nobody else would answer. She asks why he didn’t call 911. The bathroom is like a surgical ward. He says the tumors are close to the surface. She insists on taking House to the hospital. On the way there in the car House and Cuddy’s daughter speak pirate talk like play buddies.

House gets a call from Chase and Thirteen while he huddles on a gurney. He can’t figure out what’s wrong with the patient and this drives him to pop more pills. House watches the blood seep through his leg bandages while he gulps more pills. House lies in a hospital hallway while thy wait for a room and speaks pirate talk to Cuddy’s daughter. They talk about cartoon episodes.

Darien gets better after Thirteen and Chase realize she has parasites in her liver from the needles, which came free after the stab wound released them into her body. They diagnose the condition and give her a treatment. But when she wakes up the handcuffs are back on. She tells off Thirteen and says she never liked her she was bored in prison but the doctor says she knows she saved her life and walks off.

Crying in the locker room, Thirteen acknowledges that Chase was right about everything.Thirteen starts crying and says she is scared that she will live her life like Darien living too scared to remember. She tells Chase he has no way to understand what she is talking about and he thinks for a moment then suggest they go get a cup of coffee. Thirteen is wide eyed to realize Chase also has something in his past.

House demands that Cuddy come into the surgery. He says he doesn’t trust the butcher doctor and he can trust her to not have him hack off anything that doesn’t need to go. She says he signed a release but he she goes in anyway. As Cuddy sits with an unconscious House post-coma, Cuddy’s daughter says she misses House and why can’t he come over and play. Cuddy is surprised at this and says they should write him a letter.

In the resident’s office, Thirteen and Chase share a peaceful cup of coffee (their talk has clearly smoothed the waters). Thirteen yawns. Foreman notices a missed call from House. Eric comes in and also yawns. They notice House is not there.

House wakes up from the surgery feeling to see if his leg is still there. Wilson lies sleeping next to the bed and says “You’re lucky". Wilson picks a letter off the bedstead and says House has mail and reads a note from Cuddy’s daughter. House has to get up to urinate but cannot walk n his mangled leg alone. Finally Wilson helps him walk, and says he is an ass. Wilson tells House something has to change and House says ‘I know".



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