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"Jeff" Supported By COMMUNITY

Community thumbnail

Written by :- published Sunday 6th April 2014

The latest installment of NBC's Community, "G.I. Jeff," doesn't feel like Community when it first begins. Animated in an older style, the opening has G.I. Joe and company in combat with Cobra. Then Jeff (Joel McHale) and his friends join the battle, fighting for Joe, which ends poorly when Jeff kills one of the bad guys. Because, after all, you're not supposed to kill people in cartoon war. Commu...

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HOUSE OF CARDS Season 2 Finale Review

House of Cards (2012) thumbnail

Written by :- published Saturday 5th April 2014

Everyone watches House of Cards at different speeds. Some will plow through a batch of thirteen episodes within two days of its release. Some may watch a single hour per week, like most TV shows air. I decided to go for a middle ground when picking when to post this review. If you watched two episodes per week every week since season two was posted, you'd be right at the season finale now, as I am...

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COUGAR TOWN "Stand" Strong

Cougar Town thumbnail

Written by :- published Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Cougar Town wrapped up its fifth season on the air last night on TBS with "We Stand a Chance." It may not be a big, dramatic finale, nor does it end with a cliffhanger, as renewal is uncertain, but it is still a terrific installment of the friends-as-family show. A piece of exciting news affects just about everyone in the group, though their lives continue normally, as this isn't the type of show...

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The "New" GLEE

Glee thumbnail

Written by :- published Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Article first published as TV Review: 'Glee' - 'New New York' on Blogcritics. It’s finally here! We’re done with Ohio, a state I dearly love, but which has been played out on FOX’s Glee, and the story has shifted entirely to New York City. I’ve mentioned for weeks in these columns my hope that things will improve when this happens. Now that the first episode solely in the ...

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GLEE Stumbles In "New Directions"

Glee thumbnail

Written by :- published Tuesday 1st April 2014

Article first published as TV Review: 'Glee' - 'New Directions' on Blogcritics. If there’s one thing I can say about the second half of FOX’s Glee‘s 100th episode celebration it’s that it’s way better than the first. The story about how a high school principal stubbornly shuts down a second-in-the-nation ranked show choir still makes absolutely no sense, but at leas...

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