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30 Seconds

30 Seconds logo30 Seconds is an Australian comedy series produced for The Comedy Channel which satirises Australian advertising companies and advertising industry. The series is about the moral dilemmas people face, heightened by the excesses of the advertising industry and the three maintain no character in the show is based on any single person they know, but drawn from many of their real-life experiences. Starring Steve Curry, Joel Tobeck, Gyton Grantley, Kat Stewart and Peter O’Brien.


@midnight logoChris Hardwick will lead three celebrity contestants down the ultimate internet wormhole. Culling from the darkest recesses of social media, they will compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.

Adam Devine's House Party

Adam Devine's House Party logoAdam DeVine, co-star of the hit series "Workaholics", is taking the party to the next level. The series spotlights 24 of DeVine's favorite up-and-coming comedians in scripted and stand-up comedy context.

American Body Shop

American Body Shop logoAmerican Body Shop is centered around the twice-divorced shop owner Sam and his troubled crew. Among his staff Sam has a set of mechanics and auto workers that develop complex solutions to simple problems, as well as many other strange characters.

Balls of Steel Australia

Balls of Steel Australia logoThe Chaser’s Craig Reucassel hosts the exclusive brand new local version of BALLS OF STEEL. One of the highest ever rating programs for THE COMEDY CHANNEL, the anarchic BALLS OF STEEL AUSTRALIA sees guest comedians and comedy characters performing stupid, dangerous and ill-advised stunts in an attempt to impress a studio audience and to lay claim to the title of having the biggest “balls of steel”.

Beat the Geeks

Beat the Geeks logoBeat the Geeks is a game show that tests contestants knowledge in the various fields of pop-culter. There are three main geeks (one each in Movies, Music, and TV) and one Guest Geek that specializes in a certain field of pop-culture. All geeks wear scholarly robes and proudly wear medals signifying their domination in their field. In the first season, the show started strong with the presences of Marc Edward Heuck, the Movie Geek, and Paul Goebel, the TV Geek. However, it had a hard time sticking with a Music Geek. Michael Jolly was the original one when production began, but when he couldn't make certain taping dates, Andy Zax was called to fill in. The problem began when producers realized they had two great Music Geeks. They alternated between Jolly and Zax, however, they stuck with Zax...

Big Bad World

Big Bad World logoBig Bad World is a comedy about what happens when you wait for life to begin. Ben has just graduated and the world should be his oyster, but he quickly finds himself back in his hometown and nursing his as yet unformulated dreams. He's also back to hanging out with the same old gang; too-smart-for-her-own-good charity mugger Meg, guitar-obsessive bedsit-philosopher Eggman and University-refuser and unashamed year-round-wearer-of-shorts-and-flip-flops Oakley. If it weren't for the frequent overdraft charges, Ben might almost believe the last three years of his life never happened.

Big Lake

Big Lake logoJosh (Chris Gethard of Upright CItizens Brigade) loses his big city banking job and has to move back home and onto his parents' couch in Big Lake, PA. He reunites with Glenn (Horatio Sanz, "Saturday Night Live"), his childhood best friend who's fresh out of minimum security prison, and their favorite high school teacher Mr. Chris Henkel (Chris Parnell, "SNL," "30 Rock"), all the while dealing with a Dad who's trying to kick him out of the house, a Mom who's maybe taking too many diet pills, and a seemingly dorky 13-year-old brother who's secretly running a small criminal empire. Josh needs to new job and move off his parents' couch. But right now he and his friends are too busy with iguanas, fighting bears, Serbian death metal enthusiasts, the Hooded Beast, and, of course, Lee Harvey Oswo...


Brickleberry logoA group of forest rangers are working at a national park that might be shutting down unless a new ranger can inspire the rest of the rangers to make a change and save the park for good.

Broad City

Broad City logoThe "Broad City" girls of New York are headed to the all comedy network! The critically acclaimed digital series is transitioning from the web to a weekly, half-hour scripted series.
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