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Wives and Daughters

Wives and Daughters logoMisguided stepmothers, romantic betrayals, secret marriages--these are not just the makings of modern soap operas; this is what makes the BBC's delightful four-episode miniseries Wives and Daughters come to life. Sweet Molly Gibson (played artfully by Justine Waddell, who communicates more with a squint of her eyes than most actresses can with pages of dialogue) was living life pleasantly when her widowed father (Bill Paterson) decides that, for the good of his daughter, he must remarry. In comes Claire, played to screeching perfection by Francesca Annis. Molly's life is turned upside down by the usually well meaning but off-the-mark Claire, who insists on things being done the proper way. Added to the stew is Claire's beautiful, educated daughter, Cynthia (Keeley Hawes), and the Hamleys, ...


Wogan logoNo Description

World Shut Your Mouth

World Shut Your Mouth logoWelcome to the <b>World Shut Your Mouth</b> guide at TV Tome. Trigger Happy Tv star Dom Joly returns to our screens with this magnificent sketch show where himself and a selected team go around the world basically trying to annoy the hell out of everyone.

Would I Lie To You?

Would I Lie To You? logoFor each show, two celebrity guests join each of the team captains. The two teams then compete head-to-head with each player revealing incredible facts and embarrassing personal tales for the consideration of the opposing team. Some of the yarns are true; some are not, and it’s the panellists’ task to separate the facts from the fabrications.

WPC 56

WPC 56 logoDrama following WPC Gina Dawson, the first woman police constable to serve in her West Midlands hometown in 1956

Wuthering Heights (1978)

Wuthering Heights (1978) logoA five-part adapation of the infamous book, which stars Ken Hutchison and Kay Adshead as tortured lovers Heathcliff and Cathy.

Young Apprentice

Young Apprentice logoLord Sugar puts young people through their paces as they compete in tasks to prove themselves worthy of a prize that will help them up the career ladder.

Young Dracula

Young Dracula logoSingle father, Count Dracula, moves to London from Transylvania with his two kids, Vlad and Ingrid. The story revolves around Vlad wanting to fit in with his classmates in his new school rather than sucking their blood as his father wants him to. Vlad befriends another outsider named Robin who wants to become less like the popular crowd and preferably more vampiric.

Young James Herriot

Young James Herriot logoThe drama telling the story of James Herriot's early years begins, as he starts his first term at Glasgow Veterinary College.

Z Cars

Z Cars logoWelcome to the Z Cars guide at TV Tome. Long running BBC series dealing with the goings on of the Newtown police and their Ford Zephyr squad cars or"Z Cars". Emphasis on personal drama and day to day lives of the characters, the series was almost a mix of "kitchen sink" drama and police procedural. Influential towards such later dramas as Hill Street Blues. Like a who's who of UK talent, many important UK actors, writers and directors worked on the show including Ridley Scott, Tom Baker (Dr. Who), Brian Blessed, Tom Conti, Judi Dench, Arthur Lowe, Malcolm McDowell and Leonard Rossiter and both future Professionals (Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw).
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