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BBC Music

BBC Music logoNo Description

BBC News at One

BBC News at One logoNational and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

BBC News at Six

BBC News at Six logoThe BBC News at Six is the evening news programme broadcast each night on British television channel BBC One and the BBC News channel at 18:00.

BBC News: The Editors

BBC News: The Editors logoA new, monthly programme which brings together the BBC's on-air editors, each a specialist in their field, to answer some of the big questions about what's happening in the world. Presented on location by World Affairs Editor John Simpson

BBC Scotland Investigates

BBC Scotland Investigates logoCurrent affairs series examining the issues affecting the lives of people around Scotland

BBC Weekend News

BBC Weekend News logoBBC Weekend News is the national news programmes on BBC One at a weekend although it is often referred to on guides simply as BBC News, or if broadcast at 10pm exactly, BBC News at Ten. The programmes are also simulcast on the BBC News Channel.

BBC Wildlife

BBC Wildlife logo"The world's leading natural history filmmakers meet the world's most charismatic animals" The BBC Wildlife Specials are a occasional series of one-off documentaries commissioned by BBC Television. Each examines the lifestyle of a particular animal. The Wildlife Specials began with a pilot episode in 1995. A further 15 programmes were made over the next decade, and more recently the format has been expanded into two short series.

BBC Wildlife Specials

BBC Wildlife Specials logo"The world's leading natural history filmmakers meet the world's most charismatic animals"


Beast logoBeast focused on a veterinary practice and the characters' day-to-day problems. Though it was short lived, Beast was one top notch British sitcom of the highest order. The owner Nick (Alexander Armstrong) is a bad vet who is scared of animals (as we quickly find out in episode 1 during a confrontation with a guinea pig). His situation does of course lead to many humorous incidents. Though most episodes did seem to evolve around Nick's phobia of animals and lack of veterinary skills, the talented cast always offered something on the side with their great performances. Particularly from Emma Pierson, who played Jade, the air headed assistant who somehow always managed to freak everyone one (viewers included) out with her big smile. It was very popular during its short 2 seasons, and given...

Ben Elton, the Man from Auntie

Ben Elton, the Man from Auntie logoBen Elton: The Man from Auntie was a British television comedy series written and performed by Ben Elton. The title of the series was a play on words of the American spy series The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,[1] and "Auntie", an informal name for the BBC. The first series aired on BBC1 in 1990. A second series with a slightly different format was aired four years later in 1994.[2] The series was primarily based around Elton's stand-up comedy routines, with his monologues interspersed with occasional filmed sketches and parodies, as well as soundbites from chinface "potato heads".[2] Another regular segment were "Farties Guides" to such tasks as catching a train or setting up home—Elton described "Farties" as "you and me"—ordinary people endeavouring to make it through life despite the effor...
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