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The Tube

The Tube logoNo Description

The Tweenies

The Tweenies logoProduced by the BBC, Tweenies is a British sensation starring full-body puppets, the "preschoolers," Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake, their dog, Doodles, and the "grownups" Judy and Max. The gang and viewers at home learn to express themselves through language; encounter concepts from nature like weather, time, and magnets; enjoy creative activity in music and the visual arts; and explore issues in social interaction. Viewer interactivity is encouraged with action songs, stimulating kid's imaginations with each new Tweenie activity. Characters Bella: The oldest and tallest of the Tweenies. She is 4 and a half years old. Bella is quite the bossy and smart. She is Best friends with Fizz. Basically the only one to get along with better than the rest. Milo: A crazy 4 year old. He's funny and ...

The Two Ronnies

The Two Ronnies logoThe Two Ronnies is a show which gripped the funnybones of the UK for years, and which has also proved a big hit across the seas. Starring ever shrinking Ronnie Corbett, who recently admitted sex manuals have helped his love life (he stands on them) and Ronnie Barker, owner of the Guinness world record for least number of people fitted into a telephone booth. The Two Ronnies has long established its claim as one of the most successful British comedy shows of them all; safe, yes, but often very funny and of vast majority appeal.

The Two Ronnies Sketchbook

The Two Ronnies Sketchbook logoThe Two Ronnies made a final re-entrance, after 17 years apart, for this reunion show. 6 episodes, looking back at the highlights of the incredible 12 year run of the original, humbly titled "The Two Ronnies". The duo, now into their seventies, sit behind a desk and behind those famous glasses, to bring us the best clips from the show.

The Unique Dave Allen

The Unique Dave Allen logoNo Description

The Vicar Of Dibley

The Vicar Of Dibley logoThe Vicar of Dibley begins after the older Vicar Pottle dies, the people of Dibley need to find a suitable replacement for him. Most would assume they'd find a young interesting man, or something of that sort, but instead they get Geraldine Granger (Dawn French). She's not exactly the kind of person you'd expect for that sort of position, with her jokes and honest, yet sweet attitude. She quickly became popular with the people in Dibley, because of her enthusiasm and caring personality. Each episode uses the clashing of personalities, to bring great comedy. A lot of plots revolve around Geraldine and Alice Tinker (Emma Chambers) who is the Verger, and a good friend to Geraldine despite her complete lack of common sense. Other important characters include David Horton (Gary Waldhorn) who i...

The Victorian Kitchen

The Victorian Kitchen logoa truly wonderful series recording life in a Victorian kitchen. it is fascinating for someone brought up on microwave ready-meals, an amazing insight into life below stairs(with an occasional glimpse upstairs) Ruth Mott is a star, almost, but not quite outshone by the kitchen itself. the anecdotes shared by Ruth are priceless, especially enjoyed the story of a train station a leaking packet of pearl barley and a flock of pigeons! the mixture of stories about those days below stairs coupled with the time consuming and elaborate recipes are an education. would also recommended the Victorian kitchen garden, each episode covers one of the 12 months in a restored walled garden. in fact the Victorian kitchen was a spin off from that series.

The Victorians

The Victorians logoJeremy Paxman takes his love of Victorian paintings as the starting point for a journey into Victorian Britain. Such pictures may not be fashionable today, but they are a goldmine of information about the most dynamic age in British history. He investigates the most dramatic event of Victorian Britain: the explosion of great cities. At first the Victorians feared these new monsters in their midst, but then grew to love and transform them. Jeremy explores the canals and sewers, suburbs and back streets, workhouses and magnificent buildings of the great Victorian city, while also picturing the fun-filled chaos of Derby Day.

The Village

The Village logoFollows the residents of one English village across the 20th century and their turbulent lives

The Vital Spark

The Vital Spark logoThe stories of Neil Munro (written between 1905 and 1932) have been adapted for both the big and small screen several times.
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