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The Other One

The Other One logoThis comedy classic was the hit follow up written for Richard Briers by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, creators of "The Good Life". Briers is Ralph Tanner, a man who's never encountered a lie that he can't live out to the full. Compulsively economical with the truth, he uses any means, no matter how embarassing or calamitous to give the impression of being a lone wolf, worldly wise and someone who's been everywhere, seen it all and done it better than anyone else! Reality, of course, is wildly different. For it seems Ralph is grossly inexperienced, wildly incompetent and totally ill-equipped for life. Yet he's convincing enough to impress the gullible, timid Brian (Gambon). When he encounters the brash Ralph at the airport, ready to escape on the same flight to sunny Spanish paradise, Brian ...

The Paradise (2012)

The Paradise (2012) logoAn intoxicating love story set in England's first department store in the 1870s.

The Paradise Club

The Paradise Club logoThe show focuses upon two brothers, Frank & Danny Kane. Their mother, Ma Kane, is the matriarch of a criminal gang in South London, helped by her son Danny. Frank has become a priest but leaves the church; he inherits The Paradise Club on the death of their mother and returns to London to try and steer Danny away from crime.

The Passion

The Passion logoIt's the start of Passover week. In the next few days thousands of pilgrims will pour into Jerusalem to celebrate the most important festival in their religious calendar. For their Roman masters, led by Pontius Pilate, it is the most difficult time of the year. For the High Priest Caiaphas and his Temple priests the workload will be heavy and the pressure to maintain civil order will be intense. Then news is brought that Jesus the Galilean is approaching the city on a donkey's colt, and will be entering Jerusalem through the East Gate - thus fulfilling two of the most powerful religious prophecies of the coming of the Messiah. The one who many believe will lead them to military victory or spiritual salvation. On the streets a crowd is beginning to gather. And the week has only just begu...

The Perishers

The Perishers logoA teatime gem here, courtesy of FilmFair. Those perishin' youngsters Wellington, Maisie, Marlon, and Baby Grumplin and Boot the rakish sheepdog, jump off the pages of the "Daily Mirror" and into the living rooms of the nostalgia generation. The kids and their dogs go carting and camping, they visit the seaside, and go bouncing around wildly on bright green spacehoppers. And throughout they bicker and backbite in that brilliant mangled dialect that's part-cockney, part-hoity-toity, and utterly, beautifully British.

The Pickwick Papers (1985)

The Pickwick Papers (1985) logoThe Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (also known as The Pickwick Papers) is the first novel by Charles Dickens. Written for publication as a serial, The Pickwick Papers is a sequence of loosely-related adventures. The action is given as occurring 1827–8, though critics have noted some seeming anachronisms. The novel's main character, Mr Samuel Pickwick, Esquire, is a kind and wealthy old gentleman, and the founder and perpetual president of the Pickwick Club. To extend his researches into the quaint and curious phenomena of life, he suggests that he and three other "Pickwickians" (Mr Nathaniel Winkle, Mr Augustus Snodgrass, and Mr Tracy Tupman) should make journeys to remote places from London and report on their findings to the members of the club.

The Prisoners

The Prisoners logoSeries following repeat offenders released from prison over the course of a year as they try to live a life beyond bars.

The Quatermass Experiment

The Quatermass Experiment logoSet in the near future against the background of a British space programme, it tells the story of the first manned flight into space, overseen by Professor Bernard Quatermass of the British Experimental Rocket Group. When the spaceship that carried the first successful crew returns to Earth, two of the three astronauts are missing, and the third is behaving strangely. It becomes clear that an alien presence entered the ship during its flight, and Quatermass and his associates must prevent the alien from destroying the world.

the Queen's castle

the Queen's castle logoNo Description

The Queen's Palaces

The Queen's Palaces logoFiona Bruce fronts this eye-opening new three-part series on the stories behind Britain’s official royal residences: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Palace of Holyroodhouse.
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