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The Invisibles

The Invisibles logoMaurice Riley and Syd Woolsey are old friends who return from the good life on the Costa del Crime to a quiet Devon fishing village. They plan to eke out their retirement fishing and availing themselves of the NHS. However, the quiet life is not for them. As their ill-gotten gains run short, they find themselves drawn back into a life of crime, only crime has moved on and they've got new things to learn. Syd Warren Clarke (Dalziel and Pascoe) stars as alarms man Syd and Anthony Head (Little Britain, Buffy) plays safe cracker Maurice. With four wives and three divorces under his belt, single life is hard for Syd. But Maurice is his rock and Syd would lay down his life for his friend. Hedley Dean Lennox Kelly (Shameless) plays Hedley, the 30-something-year-old son of Syd and Maurice's form...

The Jasper Carrott Trial

The Jasper Carrott Trial logoJasper Sebastopol Baraclava To-Brooke Carrott: You are hereby charged with crimes against humanity, incitement to riot, mole abuse, and a vicious slaughter campaign against one Robin Reliant. 28 years of insults, mocks and slaughters against good and honest businesses, cars, animals, men, women, and just about anyone and anything else that doesn't fit in to those categories are coming back to haunt him in this, The Jasper Carrott Trial.

The Karen Dunbar Show

The Karen Dunbar Show logoThe Karen Dunbar Show is a television comedy sketch show that airs on BBC One Scotland, starring the popular Scottish comedian Karen Dunbar. She has also appeared on Chewin' the Fat with Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill. It is one of the many popular Scottish comedies produced by BBC Scotland. There were many different, recurring, characters such as Shoeless Josie a blonde drunkard, often carrying a bag of chips. Alonost Angelic a Pub 'n' Club duo from Ayrshire consisting of Angela Silvery and her tolerant husband Ricky. A woman to ran a chipshop topless and Janice and her mother, Janice's mother always finding away to foil her daughters attempts at having a life.

The Kid's Speech

The Kid's Speech logoMoving and uplifting documentary following the stories of three children who live with a stammer. Eleven-year-olds Reggie and William, and 14-year-old Bethan, are determined to improve their speech. Along with their parents, they embark on a unique, intensive course at the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children.
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The Lakes

The Lakes logoDoom-laden but compelling BBC1 drama series embracing sex, death and Catholic guilt, set in a small community in the Lake District. The first four-part series centred on newcomer Danny Kavanagh; the second 10-part series featured other characters in the community. Created by Jimmy McGovern (Brookside, Cracker).

The Last Explorers

The Last Explorers logoArchaeologist and writer Neil Oliver presents a series on the golden age of exploration, charting the routes of contact that drew together the farthest reaches of the world

The Lenny Henry Show (1984)

The Lenny Henry Show (1984) logo"Katanga my friends!" This is the first of Lenny Henry's stand-up/sketch shows which had a similar format to the present (2004) version. In each show Lenny would stand in front of an audience telling jokes about his past life, joking about the antics of his part Birmingham, part Jamaica upbringing. He also touched on topical events in amusing ways. Many sketches were featured featuring recurring Henry characters, including the first appearances of the soul-singing sex-god Theophilus P Wildebeeste, PC Ganga, dear old Deakus, one of the first batch of post-war Jamaican immigrants who "came to h-England in um...in um in a boat!" and Derek The Teacher, a lampoon of the sort of student-teachers torn to shreds by inner-city schoolkids. Lenny also impersonated celebs including Prince, Michael Jac...

The Lenny Henry Show (1987)

The Lenny Henry Show (1987) logoDelbert Wilkins (Lenny Henry) is a DJ working on a pirate radio station in Brixton, London. In spite of the fact that the Brixton Broadcasting Company only attracts a small number of listeners, Delbert likes to think of himself as something of a "radio megastar".

The Lenny Henry Show (2004)

The Lenny Henry Show (2004) logoWelcome to The Lenny Henry Show (2004) guide at TV Tome. Starring Lenny Henry, in Sketches such as Beyonce Knowles (Lenny) in her music video Crazy In Love. And Lenny as an Indian Shopkeeper. The Show has a live audience. Spinoffs: The Lenny Henry Show 1994 If You like this Show You'll Like: Absolutely Fabulous The Vicar Of Dibley Dinnerladies The Royle Family Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Lenny Henry is married to Dawn French from VIcar of Dibley.

The Life Collection

The Life Collection logoThe Life Collection is a 24-disc DVD box set of eight titles from David Attenborough's 'Life' series of BBC natural history programmes
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