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The Fall of Eagles

The Fall of Eagles logoFall of Eagles is a 13-part British television drama aired by the BBC in 1974. The series portrays historical events from the 19th century to 1918, dealing with the ruling European dynasties in Austria-Hungary, Germany and Russia.

The Family Ness

The Family Ness logoAngus and Elspeth are the children of Loch Ness keeper Mr. MacTout, who does not believe in the Loch Ness Monster. Little does he know, there is a whole family of Loch Ness Monsters and each have their unique traits and personalities. Join the children in their adventures with the family of Loch Ness Monsters.

The Field of Blood

The Field of Blood logoAdaptation of Denise Mina's thriller set in 1982. When the story of a murder has huge implications for her family, newspaper copy boy Paddy Meehan battles prejudices to get to the truth. As she inches closer to revealing the truth, her investigations place her in mortal danger.

The First Eden

The First Eden logoThe First Eden is a glorious portrait of the landscape, wildlife and plants of the Mediterranean, presented by Sir David Attenborough. From the earliest human settlements to the cities of today, across the deserts of North Africa to the forests of southern Europe, this series tells the dramatic story of man and nature at work. Here Attenborough focuses on the cradle of Western civilization, tracing the life of the Mediterranean from salt bed to lush paradise and its ultimate exploitation. History, natural history and archeology come together in a narrative that portrays the changing attitudes of mankind toward the environment. He surveys early plant and animal life, discussing discusses climatic and seasonal changes. The domestication of the horse opened the doors to wars and migration. At...
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The First World War from Above

The First World War from Above logoThe story of the Great War told from a unique new aerial perspective. Featuring two remarkable historical finds, including a piece of archive footage filmed from an airship in summer 1919, capturing the trenches and battlefields in a way that's rarely been seen before. And aerial photographs taken by First World War pilots - developed for the first time in over ninety years - show not only the devastation inflicted during the fighting, but also quirks and human stories visible only from above. Presented by Fergal Keane.

The Flame Trees of Thika

The Flame Trees of Thika logoElspeth and her unconventional parents decide to settle down in Kenya and begin a coffee plantation. This is a time of discovery for Elspeth, as she encounters the incredible beauty and cruelty of nature, and new friendships with both Africans and British expatriates. A side plot involves the beautiful and bored British Lettice Palmer who enters into an affair with a handsome safari guide. Eventually, however, the excitement of Elspeth's life is disrupted by the onset of WW I, and the changes it brings.

The Flowerpot Gang

The Flowerpot Gang logoAnneka Rice, Phil Tufnell and Joe Swift are the Flowerpot Gang, travelling the country and transforming neglected plots of land into extraordinary life-changing spaces.

The Fourth Arm

The Fourth Arm logoThe Fourth Arm is a British television series produced by the BBC in 1983. The twelve-part serial dealt with secret agents parachuted into occupied Europe during the Second World War, following their progress through initial recruitment and training, and finally their first mission in enemy territory. The Fourth Arm was created and produced by Gerard Glaister, who had previously been at the helm of other World War II dramas such as Colditz and Secret Army. The serial starred former Secret Army cast member Paul Shelley as Major Hugh Gallagher, essentially a reprise of his Secret Army character, Major Nick Bradley, in all but name.

The Ghost Hunter (UK)

The Ghost Hunter (UK) logoWelcome To The GhostHunter UK Guide At TV Tome. UK / BBC1-Zenith North / 18x25m-e / 1999-2002 Writers: Ivan Jones, Roy Apps / Novel: Ivan Jones / Music: David Chilton, Nick Russell-Pavier / Costume: Val Metheringham / Design: Pilar Foy / Camera: Mike Thomson / Producer/Director: David Bell Spooky drama serial. When Roddy Oliver befriends a ghost from the past he ends up tangling with the evil ghost hunter. Season 3 involved time travel with the action switching between Victorian England, the present and the future where Roddy is an adult and his two children this time team up with the Shoe-Shine Boy to stop the Ghost Hunter's latest scheme.[/b]
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