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The Boat That Guy Built

The Boat That Guy Built logoGuy Martin starts a six week mission to renovate a neglected narrowboat with inventions from the Industrial Revolution.

The Body Farm

The Body Farm logoThe Body Farm is BBC One's new modern forensic crime series starring Tara Fitzgerald in the lead role. Tara plays Eve Lockhart, from Waking The Dead, in this original six-part series made by BBC Drama Production in association with Trevor Eve's company Projector Productions. Eve Lockhart leads us into her other world on The Body Farm, a private forensics facility that is pushing back the boundaries of scientific research and solving crimes – it's unchartered territory. Here, no horror is taken for granted and murder is seen to be what it is – visceral and shocking. Eve is an exceptional forensic pathologist who leads a brilliant and ambitious team of scientists at a private facility where human remains are donated for scientific experiment. They are called upon by police forces all ...

The Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad logoThe Bomb Squad is a documentary series which sees the the Ministry of Defence allowing the cameras access to The British Counter IED Task Force. The men and women who work for the department have to locate and defuse Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in Afghanistan.

The Borrowers (2011)

The Borrowers (2011) logoThe small family that live, hidden in a normal-sized person's home will once again attempt to innocently stake claim to discarded belongings. But, determined to prove that they exsist Grandma Driver (Victoria Wood) and Professor Mildeye (Stephen Fry) aim to capture the little people.

The Brain Hospital

The Brain Hospital logoA documentary series featuring the work of the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery at Queen Square London

The Brittas Empire

The Brittas Empire logoGordon Brittas is a Leisure Centre manager with a dream. Due to the unexplained collapse of his last Leisure Centre during his time in temporary charge, he was given a glowing reference and 'encouraged' to take up a managerial position at Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre. His 'loyal' staff have stories of their own, like Carole Parkinson, the receptionist, whose husband has left her, forcing her to keep her baby in the drawer under her desk. Also Tim Whistler and Gavin Featherly, the fitness instructors whose relationship Brittas always seems to be oblivious to. Julie Porter, Brittas' secretary, is always 'too busy' to do anything for him, and constantly looking for chances to show him up. Linda Perkin, the ever-ready staff member who always believes what Brittas says is best. Laura Lanci...

The Broker's Man

The Broker's Man logoIn the corrupt world of insurance fraud, the truth is a dangerous thing to find... Kevin Whately (Peak Practice, Inspector Morse) stars as Jimmy Griffin, insurance fraud investigator, in this action packed series. From the same production team behind the ITV1 hit drama series Midsomer Murders and Ultimate Force.

The Brothers (1972)

The Brothers (1972) logoTHE BROTHERS was a compelling TV series about the bedroom and boardroom strife endured by three conflicting brothers at the family trucking business Hammond Transport, running for an impressive 92 episodes between 1972 and 1976. It gave a big break to future household names like Kate O’Mara, Liza Goddard, Gabrielle Drake and Colin Baker. The gritty BBC serial, created by Gerard Glaister and writer NJ Crisp, caught the attention of the viewing public to such a large degree that Colin Baker’s loathsome city banker Paul Merroney was voted the ‘Most Hated Man In Britain’ by readers of The Sun newspaper.

The Buccaneers (1995)

The Buccaneers (1995) logoBecause of their "new money" background, four American girls have difficulty breaking into the upper-crust society of New York. Laura Testvalley, the governess of one of the girls, suggests a London season and thus the young women set sail for England and the unsuspecting English aristocracy. In England, all the girls soon find eligible husbands and the youngest girl, Nan, seems to land the best husband of them all: the handsome and very wealthy Julius, Duke of Trevennick. The girls soon discover that English upper-class men are not at all what they expected and hoped for.

The Case (2011)

The Case (2011) logoWhen a man is accused of murdering his partner, his only defence is claiming it was a case of assisted suicide. But was it really an act of love or a cold-blooded murder? Brand new hard-hitting topical drama for BBC One Daytime, The Case, explores the high-pressured life in and out of court as barrister Sol Ridley and his junior, Julie Prior, defend Tony Powell against a murder charge. Commissioned by BBC Daytime Controller Liam Keelan, the new series has been written by David Allison and is being made by Liverpool-based production company Lime Pictures. It will be filmed across the North West with locations in Liverpool and Manchester.
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