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The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps logoDrama based on John Buchan's classic novel, set in the lead-up to World War I. When an undercover British spy is killed in his flat, a man finds himself accused of murder and caught up in a deadly conspiracy which threatens not only his life, but the safety of the nation. Pursued by spies and the police, he reluctantly joins forces with a feisty suffragette as he attempts to uncover the truth and save Great Britain from invasion.

The 7.39

The 7.39 logoCarl Matthews (David Morrissey) is stuck. At the age of 45 his life has become routine. Every morning Carl fights his way onto the 7.39 train where he sees the same unhappy faces doing the same daily commute into Waterloo. Happily married to his best friend from college, Maggie (Olivia Colman), with whom he has two healthy, if sullen, teenage kids, life for Carl has become predictable. Sally Thorn (Sheridan Smith) has recently moved out of London, where she still works as the manager of a health club. But she’s unsure if she likes her new suburban life and is anxious about the prospect of marriage to Ryan (Sean Maguire), an enthusiastic personal trainer. Ryan is desperate to start a family, get married, settle down. Not that there’s much time to worry about these things, not while she...

The Adventure Game

The Adventure Game logoLittle marvel that brightened up many teatime, often thought of as the forerunner of The Crystal Maze. Three rent-a-celeb types were guided around a series of mental and physical puzzles devised by Patrick Dowling. The puzzles usually involved logical thinking with some lateral twists. The show had quite a cute backplot. Set on the planet Arg, the inhabitants (sometimes human, sometimes dragon shape-changers called "the Argonds") put the contestants through their paces, including: Dorgan, the friendly helpful one that got the contestants under way. Gandor the Butler, who used an ear trumpet to help him see, and wore his glasses to help him hear. Dagnor, the backwards-talking Australian who would compliment contestants with a "Doogy Rev" if they'd done well. Rangdo, the shy ruler of t...

The Adventures of Parsley

The Adventures of Parsley logoFilmFair's stop motion animated follow-up to "Herbs, The" (1968), featuring the adventures of Parsley the Lion, Dill the Dog, and other characters in the herb garden.

The Amazing Mrs Pritchard

The Amazing Mrs Pritchard logoThe Amazing Mrs Pritchard revolves around supermarket manager Ros Pritchard, who, angry with the state of British politics, stands for election as an independent candidate in her home town of Eatanswill, Yorkshire.[1] She soon gains national attention and wins the general election, becoming Prime Minister. Over successive episodes, Ros's spontaneous approach to decision making and her promise never to deceive the electorate come under increasing pressure from the demands of government, media scrutiny, and partisan political struggles.

The Ambassador

The Ambassador logoDrama series about the British ambassador to Ireland. Pauline Collins plays Harriet Smith, the Ambassador, who has to maneuver through difficult political obstacles as she represents the British government in Ireland.

The Andromeda Breakthrough

The Andromeda Breakthrough logoThe British government catch up with Fleming and Andromeda but they are snatched away by the forces of Intel who already have Professor Dawnay in their grasp. The prisoners are taken to the Middle Eastern country of Azaran, whose leaders want to use Fleming and Dawnay's intellects to their own ends - and they also have plans for the alien Andromeda...

The Animals of Farthing Wood

The Animals of Farthing Wood logoWelcome to The Animals of Farthing Wood guide. This animated series is based on the books by Colin Dann. It follows a group of animals who are forced to leave their home in Farthing Wood as it is being destroyed by humans and journey to a wildlife sanctuary called White Deer Park. With the long and dangerous journey ahead of them the animals take the Oath of Protection. This means that they must protect and help one another and most importantly not eat one another. Following their guide Toad and their leader Fox, the animals consisting of predators like Owl, Kestrel, Badger and Adder and smaller animals like Rabbits, Hares and Mice take off on a journey that will not only make them legends but friends as well.

The Apprentice UK

The Apprentice UK logoThe Apprentice sees fourteen candidates, men vs. women, competing against each other for a position at Sir Alan Sugar's company. Each week the candidates take part in a task set by Sir Alan. Each team will have a Project Manager who managers that group for that task. The team that performs the best will win a reward and avoid the boardroom. The loosing team will be summoned to the boardroom where their project manager will be forced to pick two people in their team who we join them in the boardroom and a chance to be fired. After twelve weeks Sir Alan will be left with his Apprentice, who will work for him at a salary of £100,000. Sir Alan is very busy so he has Nick and Margaret, who act as his eyes and ears, to inform him of what's going on.

The Armstrong and Miller Show

The Armstrong and Miller Show logoBeneath the veneer of po-faced respectability lies a wealth of characters in Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller's sketch show.
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