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Sky cops

Sky cops logoNo Description

So Haunt Me

So Haunt Me logoThis is a story of Yetta Feldman, a ghost no less. who haunts a detached house in Meadow Road, scaring off anyone who tries to move in. That is until she meets the Rokeby's, a typical family who decide to help Yetta out.. This is one of Britain's long forgotten, but popular at the time, sitcoms. Like Yetta herself it seems to rest in peace, but maybe, in this day of popular ghost related programmes like Most Haunted and movies like White Noise, So Haunt Me is long overdue for a revival!

So You Think You Can Dance UK

So You Think You Can Dance UK logoCat Deeley presents the search for Britain's favourite dancer. Nigel Lythgoe and Arlene Phillips are on the judging panel as contestants are challenged each week to master different styles of dance.

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em logoJoin Frank Spencer - the most hapless, clumsy and downright irritating man you could meet! Together with his long-suffering wife, Betty (who looked on the verge of a nervous breakdown), he got himself into all sorts of trouble which included situations such as hanging from a car suspended over a cliff! What's more, Michael Crawford did all his own stunts!


Sorry! logoMeet Timothy Lumsden, a 41 year old librarian, diminutive in stature, with a keen interest in amateur dramatics. A smart enough chap, witty and bright; but women do often cause him to blush. This, however, is never an obstacle to his romantic intentions. What always is the obstacle is his mother - domineering, overbearing and omnipresent. Timothy still lives at home with his parents and it's his smothering, bossy mother who insists on treating him as if he were still a little boy. His father often joins Timothy in silent defiance of this Gestapo officer in a dress, and his sister Muriel--who left the nest, like a Colditz escape party, many moons ago--is often there to lend an ear and offer advice. Timothy would love to fly away, but the apron strings seem to be made of reinforced steel. W...

Sorry, I've Got No Head

Sorry, I've Got No Head logoSorry, I've Got No Head is a fast-paced and irreverent "grown-up" sketch show for children, in which all the roles are played by adults.

South Riding

South Riding logoThe lives and loves of a 1930s Yorkshire town explored in a passionate tale of politics in small places, written by Andrew Davies, starring David Morrissey and Anna Maxwell Martin. South Riding charts the story of Sarah Burton's homecoming to Yorkshire in 1934 after twenty years teaching in London and the Empire. After a fiery interview with a conservative interview panel, outspoken Sarah takes up her first headmistress-ship at Kiplington High School for Girls, determined to demonstrate to her new pupils that the future is theirs for the taking.


Space logoPresented by Sam Neill, this BBC documentary is a hugely ambitious project, a massive undertaking using state-of-the-art computer graphics to show us how stars and the universe exploded into life.

Space Island One

Space Island One logoSpace Island One was a short lived sci-fi show produced by a conglomerate of european companies. The series is set on a station in Earths orbit named Unity and follows the crew as they live and work for the ever demanding needs of the company. Unity Station is a subsection of a large research company on Earth and houses a crew of seven dedicated scientists.
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