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Saints and Scroungers

Saints and Scroungers logoDominic Littlewood follows fraud officers as they bust the benefits thieves stealing millions of pounds every year, while charities and councils track down people who actually deserve government help.

Sally Lockhart Mysteries

Sally Lockhart Mysteries logoThe BBC's adaptation of award-winning writer Philip Pullman's quartet of books chronicling the adventures of Sally Lockhart (Billie Piper), a feisty young Victorian heroine.

SAS Survival Secrets

SAS Survival Secrets logoLed by Eddie Stone, a team of four SAS veterans re-enact a whole range of dramatic scenarios: on the battlefield, behind enemy lines, evasion and interrogation. Stone gives a step-by-step guide to each reconstructed mission and, with high-tech imaging equipment and computer graphics, he explains the team's strategies while his men demonstrate their weapons and their skills and reveal how they escaped death.

Secret Army

Secret Army logoSecret Army, a series created by Gerard Glaister, chronicled the history of a Belgian resistance movement during the Second World War dedicated to returning Allied airmen back to their home country. The show was set in a Brussels café and later restaurant (Le Candide), where the owner Albert Foiret helps Lisa Colbert (code-named "Yvette") hide airmen and control the various members of the "Lifeline" organisation as they take the airmen across borders to safer neutral countries such as Spain. Their principal opponents were Ludwig Kessler, an officious officer in the SS, and the more laidback Luftwaffe officer Major Erwin Brandt.
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See How They Run

See How They Run logoWelcome to the See How They Run guide at TV Tome. Six-part thriller about a family in the witness protection program which is uprooted from a small village in Northern England and transported to Sydney. Based on the novel by Australian writer, David McRobbie, it stars Peter O'Brien and Anne Looby.

See You in Court

See You in Court logoSee You in Court is a documentary series which follows the emotional and financial toll of libel action. The series follows 12 different cases as they unfold over two years.

Sex, Chips & Rock n' Roll

Sex, Chips & Rock n' Roll logoIt's 1965. Times are changing! But the swinging sixties haven't quite hit the Brookes household. Non-identical twin sisters Ellie and Arden Brookes seem destined to play out their lives behind a chip shop counter in a dreary Manchester backwater. Torn between the old narrow life of their childhood and the thrilling "anything goes" atmosphere of sixties rock and roll, the sisters find themselves faced with a heady mixture of new opportunities, optimism and romance. Their journey towards liberation is set against an exhilarating soundtrack of sixties music to echo the spirit of the era.


ShakespeaRe-Told logoSome of Shakespear's plays performed in a contemporary way.

Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep logoThis is a show from Aardman Animations ('Wallace & Gromit') about a Sheep named Shaun. Shaun was originally a character in the movie 'Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave' where one of Wallace's contraptions sheared off all of Shaun's wool. For the remainder of the movie, Shaun wore a sweater made from his own wool. In this series, Shaun has many adventures with his barnyard compatriots and the rest of his flock.


Sherlock logoSherlock Holmes and Dr Watson's adventures in 21st Century London. A thrilling, funny, fast-paced contemporary remake of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic.
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