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Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience

Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience logoFollowing comedian Rhod Gilbert as he tries out different jobs across Wales.

Richard Dimbleby Lecture

Richard Dimbleby Lecture logoThe Richard Dimbleby Lecture (also known as the Dimbleby Lecture) was founded in the memory of Richard Dimbleby, the BBC broadcaster. It has been delivered by an influential business or political figure almost every year since 1972

Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds

Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds logoUsing state-of-the-art technologies, Richard Hammond goes beyond the limits of the naked eye and explores the hidden secrets of the invisible world around us

Richard Hammond's Journey To...

Richard Hammond's Journey To... logoRichard Hammond journeys to the centre of the earth and drains the oceans to find out how the machine beneath our feet works, how it churns and affects life on the planet's surface.

Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature

Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature logoRichard Hammond reveals secret animal abilities from the natural world, and discovers how those same animals have inspired a series of unlikely human inventions at the very frontiers of science.

Richard Hammond's Secret Service

Richard Hammond's Secret Service logoRichard Hammond is the Head of the Secret Service. OK, not the real Secret Service, but a team of highly trained operatives (well, actors and comedians) who are looking for people who need to be pranked, wound up, or tricked into believing something utterly ridiculous whilst being secretly filmed. Secret Service was created by Richard Osman, Nick Samwell-Smith, Catherine Lynch, Andy Rowe and Richard Hammond.

Rick stein seafood lovers guide

Rick stein seafood lovers guide logoSome of the finest seafood in the world swims around the coastline of the British Isles. This eight-part series is a romantic and magical journey through the cuisine and heritage of Britain’s shores, from the north of Scotland, through Wales and the west coast of Ireland, down to Dorset and Cornwall.

Rick Stein's Fresh Food

Rick Stein's Fresh Food logoTOP seafood chef Rick Stein leaves the coast behind on a quest to find the taste of Britain. Rick's journey takes him from inner-city Bristol to the Isle of Wight as he uncovers stories to make the mouth water. He goes behind the scenes in the food industry to meet the chefs who are hitting the headlines, and talks to the enthusiastic amateurs who are passionate about their food. For the award-winning chef, whose last series Seafood Odyssey took him to far-flung shores in the search for the ultimate food experience, Fresh Food provides an opportunity to indulge in two of his favourite things, closer to home - food and meeting people.

Rick Stein's Taste of the Sea

Rick Stein's Taste of the Sea logoMouth-watering recipes based on Rick's book 'Tastes Of The Sea'.

Rings On Their Fingers

Rings On Their Fingers logoOliver Pryde has been living with his girlfriend for 6 years and he is happy with the arrangement and, until Sandy Bennett announces that she wishes to get married, he thought she was too. Her claim that to be unconventional these days means getting married has wrong-footed him. She is content with her victory until she discovers that statistics prove that marriages of people who have previously lived together last as many months as the years they have co-habited!
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