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Postcode Lottery

Postcode Lottery logoDominic Littlewood reveals all that is maddening and unfair in postcode lottery Britain. Where you live really does decide what you get, and from the cradle to the grave decisions are being made about every aspect of your life based on a few letters and numbers on the end of your address. But Dom is here to make sure you have a better chance of winning the postcode lottery of life.

Pound Shop Wars

Pound Shop Wars logoDocumentary series following the competition between the rival pound shop chains on Britain's high streets.


Predators logoPredators uncovers the crucial split-second decisions between predator and prey — the moments where life hangs in the balance. Through action replays, computer animation and on-board cameras, the hunter and the hunted are analysed from any angle. It reveals the strength, determination and tactics of the hunter and the skilful strategies of the hunted. It’s not blood, guts and predictable results. It’s the behind-the-scenes drama of a battle of wits that will determine success or failure: how to get a meal, or escape becoming one.

Predators: Killing for a Living

Predators: Killing for a Living logoIn the animal kingdom, it's kill or be killed on a daily basis, as creatures struggle to survive and vicious cycle of life and death is an everyday event in the wild. This documentary series chronicles the different yet lethal techniques used in this dance of death, from animals that work in well-organized gangs to lone killers that capture prey using camouflage and the element of surprise.

Pride and Prejudice (1995)

Pride and Prejudice (1995) logoThis is the 1995 mini-series of Jane Austen's romantic comedy of upper class life and games of love in early 19th century England. The story revolves around the pretty but sharp-tongued Elizabeth Bennet, whose sharp wit and good sense usually keep her out of mischief and trouble, as she spars with the haughty Fitzwilliam Darcy. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's sisters Jane and Lydia have admirers of their own.

Prisoners' Wives

Prisoners' Wives logoGemma's perfect life comes crashing down when her devoted husband is arrested for murder.

Private Schulz

Private Schulz logoThe comic misadventures of Private Schulz, an easy-going conman who, after being drafted into the SS, instigates a plan to forge five pound notes, ostensibly to destabilise the British economy, but really to make himself rich.


Privates logoDrama set in 1960, following eight men who have had their daily lives interrupted by conscription, and must adjust to life as an operational team known as Two Section as they begin two years of National Service.

Public Enemies

Public Enemies logoPublic Enemies explores the relationship between 28-year-old Eddie, recently released on life licence from prison after serving 10 years, and his probation officer, Paula, returning from suspension following a shocking crime committed by an offender under her supervision.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is logoTwo well-known experts from the world of antiques go head-to-head over a week of challenges to find out who can make the most profit buying and selling collectibles.
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