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Nature's Miracle Babies

Nature's Miracle Babies logoZoologist Martin Hughes-Games travels the world to discover the plight of threatened species and meets the babies born against the odds.

Natures Most Amazing Events

Natures Most Amazing Events logoEach year, the planet is transformed through some of the most breathtaking natural events across our ecosystem, triggered by seasonal changes on a grand scale. These dramatic natural visual spectacles will be brought to vivid life in a new six-hour high-definition series, "NATURE'S MOST AMAZING EVENTS", premiering on Discovery Channel on May 29, 30 and 31. The series is a co-production of BBC and Discovery Channel - the partners that brought PLANET EARTH, the most lauded natural history series of all time, to the screen.

Neighbourhood Watched

Neighbourhood Watched logoNeighbourhood Watched takes a look at the work of the country's housing officers and the tenants living in the the properties.

New Street Law

New Street Law logoNew Street Law is a drama series that follows two professional lawyers' cases and exploits in Manchester. The court which deals with defending clients is headed by Jack Roper and the other court, which deals with prosecuting them, is headed by Laurence Scammel QC, who is Roper's mentor.

New Tricks

New Tricks logoNew Tricks centres around Sandra Pullman who out of desperation to put her flagging police career back on track recruits three old veterans to lend a helping hand.


Newsround logoWelcome to the Newsround guide at TV Tome. Newsround started on 4 April 1972, with just two typewriters and three people based in the corner of the BBC's foreign news room. 22nd June 1989 saw Johns last ever newsround. This was when newsround was beginning to put John behind the show and it was a whole new start. SInce 1990 there have been nine presenters, five sets and four theme tunes. 1991: Krishan Guru-murthy joined the team but later left to work on more professional shows 1992:Paul Welsh was the next presenter to join and leave for a bigger shiw 1993:Juliet Morris became the next presenter to come and go for Breakfast news 1994:Chris Rogers and Julie Etchingham replaced Juliet and Krishnan. 1995:A new studio was built influenced by Mattisse 1997:Kate Sanderson joined Newsround and a...

Next of Kin

Next of Kin logoAndrew and Maggie Prentice have taken early retirement and plan to move to France, however when tragedy strikes they are left to care for their three Grand Children: Georgia, Jake and Michael and are going nowhere fast. This is Next of Kin.

Nick Nickleby

Nick Nickleby logoNick Nickleby has been updated for television from the Charles Dickens novel Nicholas Nickleby to reflect the concerns and questions about modern Britain. Dickens’ exploration of corruption within a private boarding schools has been switched to care-homes for the elderly. The series invites the viewers at home to reflect on how the vulnerable suffer when the pursuit of profit is valued more than that of human kindness. Following his father’s death the family farm is repossessed and Nick travels to London with his mum and younger sister, Kat, to look for help from Uncle Ralph, the owner of a chain of high profile care homes.

Nigel and Adam's Farm Kitchen

Nigel and Adam's Farm Kitchen logoNigel Slater and Adam Henson join forces to sow, grow, rear and cook Britain’s favourite foods from a working farm in the Cotswolds. Revealing the top-50 fresh foods on the UK’s supermarket shopping lists, Nigel and Adam will show how we can get the most flavour, value and variety from them all.

Nigel Slater's Dish of the Day

Nigel Slater's Dish of the Day logoNigel Slater returns with a new cookery series, in which he shows how - with a bit of culinary creativity - he turns the contents of his weekly shop into seven delicious dishes, one for every day of the week. Along the way, he proves that adding new flavours to everyday ingredients can make them sensational, shows how he makes the most of a glut or a special offer at the shops, and how to create culinary magic in just one pan.
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