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Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law logoJames Nesbitt (Cold Feet, Bloody Sunday) plays Detective Sergeant Tommy Murphy, a maverick cop with a dark past. After failing a psychiatric assessment, he is given one last chance by his boss (Alex Norton, Little Voice) and given a dangerous undercover assignment. Murphy is a loner with little to lose and deals with everything on his own terms. This time around, however, Murphy has an ally in Detective Inspector Annie Guthrie (Claudia Harrison, Attachments).

Mutual Friends

Mutual Friends logoMartin has two best friends, Patrick and Carl, who couldn't be more different. One is an irresponsible, unreliable, feckless womaniser, and the other is dead. Guess which one slept with his wife? Martin Grantham is happily married to Jen. They have a son Dan, a nice house, the works. One day his best friend Carl throws himself under a train, setting off a disastrous sequence of events that will change Martin's life forever... Into this mess steps Patrick, a friend from way back. Patrick is everything Martin is not – glib, self-confident, popular and pathologically immature. He's the last person Martin needs in his life right now. Or is he? It's not a matter of life and death; it's much funnier than that.

My Dad's the Prime Minister

My Dad's the Prime Minister logoOriginally created as a children's show, it was told from the point-of-view of 12-year-old Dillon who is unfortunate enough to be the son of Prime Minister Michael Phillips. He finds life in Number 10 is no joke - his parents are too busy running the country to give him the time of day, the smallest of excursions requires a huge amount of planning and security and, worst of all, he's a figure of fun at school. To compensate, he often retreats into a fantasy world, where he's a tough Newsnight presenter, putting tricky questions to squirming grown-ups.

My Family

My Family logoWelcome to the 'My Family' guide. The show is centered around the Harper family, who seem very 'normal', a married couple with 3 children, but they are nowhere near normal. Ben is a Dentist who wishes he'd become a doctor. He frequently tries to understand his kids, often with little success. He just cannot wait until all 3 of them have left home. Played by Robert Lindsay Susan is a tour guide in a museum, with her second failed passion being cooking. She knows how to get what she wants...even if Ben doesn't want it! She's much more patient that Ben but at the same time, more dominating... Played by Zoe Wanamaker Nick is definately the joker of the family! Whether it's wearing weird and wacky costumes or saying the weirdest things, he's your man! Just don't offer him a job! Played by Kris ...

My Favourite Joke

My Favourite Joke logoSome of the nation's best-loved comedians talk about their comedy influences and what really makes them belly laugh, with a selection of classic clips from the archives.

My Hero

My Hero logoGeorge Sunday (Ardal O'Hanlon) is a mild-mannered shopkeeper who has an "alter ego". Whenever danger threatens, he changes into the superhero "Thermoman" and rushes off to save the world. One day, Thermoman saves Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce) from certain death when she falls into the Grand Canyon. He takes a fancy to her and decides that he wants to get to know her better. He tries to get to know her as "George", since he doesn't want her to know about his "alter ego". Things don't go quite according to plan, however. George soon has to reveal to Janet that he's really Thermoman. She accepts him anyway and the two end up living together.

NASA: Triumph and Tragedy

NASA: Triumph and Tragedy logoIn 2009, NASA celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. This documentary series offers audiences a unique chance to glimpse an astronaut's view of space flight. It is an epic story of heroes and their breathtaking successes as they further humanity's innate desire to explore. To land a human being on another celestial body is the first step to living beyond our planet. The breathless pace and daring of the Apollo program sees NASA master previously unimagined tasks in an attempt to achieve the most incredible accomplishment in the history of human endeavour.

National Treasures Live

National Treasures Live logoDan Snow and Sian Williams explore Britain's fascinating past, live each week from some of their greatest historical sites.

Nature Boy

Nature Boy logoSixteen year old David leaves home in search of his father of whom he has only vague memories...

Nature's Great Events

Nature's Great Events logoUsing state of the art filming technology, Nature's Great Events captures the Earth's most dramatic and epic wildlife spectacles and the intimate stories of the animals caught up in them. From the flooding of the Okavango Delta, in Africa, to the great summer melt of ice in the Arctic and the massive annual bloom of plankton in the northern Pacific Ocean, each of the six programmes features a different event set in one of the world's most iconic wildernesses.
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