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Chewin' the Fat

Chewin' the Fat logoChewin' the Fat was a cult smash in Scotland, an award-winner, and was watched/worshipped with a fervour unseen since the heyday of Rab C. Nesbitt. A sketch show, it poked fun at Scottish, US and English sterotypes, merging farce, outrageous humour, social commentary. Two characters, Jack and Victor, have gone on to form their own spin-off series, Still Game, which has further smashed CTF's own record. Other possible spin-offs were discussed, including Ronald Villiers. Go right on, Ford and Greg and the team: You've nowhere to stay but put.

Child of Our Time

Child of Our Time logoChild of Our Time is a documentary commissioned by the BBC co-produced with The Open University and presented by Professor Robert Winston which follows up on the lives of 25 babies who were born around the turn of the third millennium as they grow from infancy, through childhood and on to becoming young adults. The aim of the series is to build up a coherent and scientifically accurate picture of how the genes and the environments of growing children interact to make a fully formed adult. The series will follow the people each year from birth to the age of 20. It sets out to answer many unanswered questions, and a large portion of Child of Our Time is made up of experiments on the 25 people to answer some of these questions. One of the most important questions that the series is seeking to...

Citizen James

Citizen James logoCitizen James is a BBC sitcom that ran for three series between 24 November 1960 and 1962. The show featured comedian and actor Sid James (best remembered for his roles in the Carry On films), Bill Kerr, Liz Fraser and Sydney Tafler. It was written by the comedy writing team of Galton and Simpson, who based the characters very much on the "Sidney Balmoral James" and "Bill Kerr, the dim-witted Australian" roles that they had played in Hancock's Half Hour. The first series was set around 'Charlie's Nosh Bar', a cafe in Soho, and centred around Sid's get-rich-quick schemes. He is helped by "Billy the Kerr" and quite often frustrated by the local bookmaker Albert Welshman (Tafler). Liz Fraser played Sid's long-suffering girlfriend who has been waiting for seven years for Sid to set the date. C...

Citizen Khan

Citizen Khan logoComedy featuring a British Pakistani family, set in Sparkhill, Birmingham

Citizen Smith

Citizen Smith logoPower To The People! Citizen Smith is about a 'small group' of people who believe for freedom. The main characters are Citizen Wolfie Smith (Robert Lindsay), Ken (Mike Grady), Tucker (Tony Sullivan) and Wolfie's girlfriend Shirley (Cheryl Hall). Wolfie and Ken live together at Shirley's mum and dad (due to being thrown out by their previous landlady!) Wolfie and Ken are unemployed. Wolfie has no intentions of finding a job even though he struggles for money, with only £16.50 a week. Details of when Ciizen Smith used t be shown are as follows: Pilot episode - 12th April 1977 Series One - 3rd Nov to 15 Dec 1977 Christmas Special - 22nd December 1977 Series Two - 1st December 1978 to 5th January 1979, 16th August 1979 Series Three - 20th September to 1st November 1979 Series Four - 23rd Ma...

City Lights

City Lights logo'City Lights' is a forgotten Scottish sitcom which starred Gerard Kelly as hapless bank clerk Willie Melvin, he dreams of being a successful writer but never has any luck, he is always harassed by his domineering mother {Jan Wilson}, like Jim London from 'Up the Elephant and Round the Castle', he is also surrounded by some dodgy mates, his best friends are the accurately named Chancer {played by the excellent Andy Gray, from 'Naked Video'}, Tam {Iain McColl}, the lovelorn and none too bright Irene {Elaine C Smith, Mary from 'Rab C Nesbitt'}, work colleague Brian {Jonathan Watson} and McLelland {Dave Anderson} is the boss of the SSB {Strathclyde Savings Bank}, where Willie works, he is the bane of Willie's life. Tam and Chancer are market traders who trade in stolen gear. 'City Lights' is ...

Cleopatra: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Cleopatra: Portrait of a Serial Killer logoCleopatra - the most famous woman in history. Commonly known her as a great queen, a beautiful lover and a political schemer. For 2,000 years almost all evidence of her has disappeared - until now. In one of the world's most exciting finds, archaeologists believe they have discovered the skeleton of her sister, murdered by Cleopatra and Mark Antony. From Egypt to Turkey, Neil Oliver investigates the story of a ruthless queen who would kill her own siblings for power. This is the portrait of a killer.

Coal House

Coal House logoThis living history series transports three families back to the South Wales coalfields of the 1920s. The families swap their modern luxuries for the harsh reality of daily life as a coalmining family. Living in coalminer's cottages without heating, running water, washing machines, TV and computers, the families experience extreme poverty and the struggle to survive that faced coalminers a years after the General Strike in 1926. For the men and boys over 14 there are long days down the mine working in dire, cramped conditions while the women face the relentless daily grind of household chores and looking after the family.


Colditz logoCOLDITZ was a fact-based drama about life in a special prisoner camp for habitual escapers during World War 2 who were determined to fight their own war by constantly planning escapes and diverting military resources to pursue them. The show ran for 2 series and featured a first rate cast including Robert Wagner, David McCallum and Jack Hedley. COLDITZ was one of the first programmes to show the war from a German point of view as well as from a British / American viewpoint. The stereotypical Nazi shows up occasionally, but on the whole they are played sensitively and intelligently, especially Bernard Hepton as the Kommandant.

Combat Pilot

Combat Pilot logoThe BBC Wales fly-on-the-wall documentary Combat Pilot followed the training of Britain's Top Guns at RAF Valley. We also answer your questions on the making of the show and tips on becoming a pilot.
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