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Caught Red Handed UK

Caught Red Handed UK logoCaught Red Handed is presented by Dominic Littlewood . He investigates the new ways the police and the public are catching criminals in the act.


Celeb logoNo Description

Celebrity Masterchef

Celebrity Masterchef logoChef and restaurateur John Torode and food writer and ingredients expert Gregg Wallace search for the country's top celebrity chef. John will undoubtedly raise concerned and quizzical eyebrows as he watches them chop and stir, Gregg will hold his spoon in his mouth for far too long while talking about wanting to dive into somebody’s pudding, and they will both shout. For no apparent reason.

Celebrity Mastermind

Celebrity Mastermind logoCelebrity Mastermind is a British television quiz show broadcast by BBC television. The show is a spin-off of the long running quiz show Mastermind, with the exception that all the contestants are celebrities. As with the main show, John Humphrys is the host and question-master. Magnus Magnusson was quizmaster on the 2003/04 episodes featuring Jonathan Meades as winner.
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Challenge Anneka

Challenge Anneka logoEach week Anneka Rice is set a challenge by a member of the public and, using only her Challenger truck, has to beg, borrow and otherwise persuade people to help her complete the task on time. All challenges aim to achieve something of lasting benefit.

Charles Dickens Oliver Twist (1985)

Charles Dickens Oliver Twist (1985) logoThe classic story of the poor orphan, Oliver experiences the terror and brutality of the criminal world with his companions: a pickpocket, a thief, a prostitute, and a fence. Born and raised in the appalling deprivation of the workhouse, the orphan Oliver escapes only to fall in with a gang of child thieves. Oliver's rescue by the kindly Mr. Brownlow is only the beginning of a series of adventures that lead him to an incredible discovery.

Charles II: The Power and the Passion

Charles II: The Power and the Passion logoCharles II The Power & The Passion is set in the corridors and bedrooms of power, and takes place during a pivotal moment in our history, when the conflict between monarch and state is at a crossroads. Alongside Adrian Hodges's four-part drama Charles II The Power & The Passion, BBC One showed three accompanying documentaries. Cromwell Warts And All tells the story of Oliver Cromwell and uncovers the real reason why he wanted to destroy Charles I. The Boy Who Would Be King gave an insight into the early years of Charles II and reveals the dramatic events that shaped this complex and contradictory character. The Making Of Charles II The Power & The Passion A documentary going behind the scenes on the BBC's sumptuous, sensual four part drama chronicling the reign of the merry monarch. Fi...


Chatsworth logoThree-part documentary series detailing life of the new aristocracy over Chatsworth's entire 2011 season. For the first time ever, the palace of the peaks, Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, has opened its doors to the cameras for a whole year. It is a unique opportunity to take an in-depth glimpse of life upstairs and downstairs in the 21st century.
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