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11 nin mo Iru!

11 nin mo Iru! logoA family consisting of a jobless father, a domestic mother, and eight children with different personalities. As the title suggests, the family also has a mysterious “11th member.” Kamiki plays the eldest son Kazuo, a high school student who helps support the family through part time jobs serving at a gas station and doing newspaper delivery. He clashes with his father (Tanabe Seiichi), an artsy photographer with no real earning power. Mitsuura Yasuko plays the part of an obedient wife, while Kato Seishiro plays the shy youngest child who can see a ghost (the “11th member”) but doesn't tell the rest of the family. --Tokyograph

4 Shimai Tantei Dan

4 Shimai Tantei Dan logoBased on the novel "San Shima Tantei Dan" written by Jiro Akagawa. In this mystery series four sleuthing sisters probe into the murder case of their father. They end up getting involved into other cases, and become detectives themselves.

Ace wo Nerae!

Ace wo Nerae! logo"Ace", an all time favorite comic book that sold 15 million copies is finally dramatized! A positive success story of an ordinary high school girl who gradually discovers her hidden talent of tennis through severe trainings designed by her strict coach. Can she every become an "Ace" tennis player? Hiromi Oka decides to join the high school tennis club from the moment she saw the star player Reika's (Matsumoto) excellent and smashing play. However, once the tennis lesson began, Hiromi finds herself bored in the succession of simple practice swings. One day, Munakata becomes appointed as the new head coach of the tennis team. His special training was nothing but original, extreme, and severe. In addition, he suddenly chose Hiromi, a tennis beginner, to be the member of the up coming tennis t...

Ame to Yume no Ato ni

Ame to Yume no Ato ni logoBased on a novel by Akutagawa Prize-winning author, Yu Miri, 'Ame to Yume no Ato ni' is a story about the supernatural and the bonds between a father and daughter. Sakurai Tomoharu is a single parent who has an extremely close relationship to his daughter. One of his hobbies is catching and collecting butterflies, and he has traveled to Taiwan to catch a very rare butterfly, the Troides magellanus. It's so rare it's been called the "phantom butterfly." The legend goes that whoever catches this butterfly will become a phantom themselves. Back in Japan, Tomoharu's daughter, Ame, hasn't received a phone call from her father in days and begins to worry. However, when Tomoharu does return, he has no recollection of how he got back to Japan, or what happened at all. Ame notices strange things be...
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Angel Bank

Angel Bank logoIno Mamako is an English teacher at one of Japan's roughest schools, Ryuzan High School. After nine years of teaching, Ino decides to "reset" her life and meets with Ebisawa Yasuo, a charismatic "occupational change agent" who advises people on switching jobs. However, Ebisawa ends up hiring Ino as an occupational change agent herself. Together with her work partner Taguchi Ryota, Ino helps others switch gears in their livelihoods and transform the rest of their lives. --Anime News Network

Anna-san no Omame

Anna-san no Omame logoAnna is everyone’s dream; beautiful, intelligent, kind and elegant. But in this drama, she is not the heroine... it is her best friend Lily. Lily is a girl who is overly confident of her own beauty and fantasizes that the whole world is in love with her. She even feels sorry for Anna who is always chased by the boys... as she believes that they are using Anna to become acquainted with her own self.

Attack No.1 Live Action

Attack No.1 Live Action logoTeenage girl Kozue Ayuhara is called to the Japanese Girls Nationalteam and has to face the hardest training she ever had by one of the most notorious national trainers Japan ever had, Daigo Inokuma. Soon she'll get kicked out of the team again and has to face several human struggles as her school team has to win nationals or be closed by the volleyball federation. But part of that is Inokuma's secret plan to create an unbeatable national team.

Bakuretsu Tenshi

Bakuretsu Tenshi logoBakuretsu Tenshi, which in English means Exploding Angel, is a show which takes place in a future Tokyo. Neo-Tokyo, flooded with criminals, is mostly being ruled by syndicates. In response, an organization called RAPT has been created, whose goal is to maintain their definition of "peace". The show follows a group of four young women/girls, whose are working for a corporation called Barren. Their missions are often connected to beings that are controlled by some strange biological brain inside mechanics. The group has it's own mecha, Jango, which the hardcore warrior girl Joe is controlling. Joe's specialties is killing, fighting and surviving. The other "hitgirl" of the group is Meg, whose appetite is enormous, though she is kind of a bimbo. And then there is Sei, who is the boss of the g...

Bartender (2011)

Bartender (2011) logoUpon return from Paris, Sasakura Ryu spends some time wandering amiss, but after some time he decides to start anew by becoming a bartender. On a daily basis as a bartender, he helps solve the various problems burdening his customers, including work and love and family troubles, one cocktail at a time. Furthermore, what will happen to the romantic relationship between Ryu, who seeks the best cocktail, and Kurushima Miwa, who is pertinent to his growth as a person. Also in the drama you'll see the fateful showdown between Kuzuhara Ryuichi, referred to as Mr. Perfect, and Master Kase Goro.

Boys On The Run

Boys On The Run logoTanishi Toshiyuki (Maruyama Ryuhei), a salaryman who works for a small toy manufacturer, has never had a girlfriend in the 27 years of his life. Naturally he has no experience in women too. Ridiculed as uninteresting at his workplace, Toshiyuki is a hopeless employee nowhere near getting ahead in life. He is in love with his colleague, Uemura Chiharu (Minami Akina). However, he is not able to approach her, and relieves this dejection every day through telephone dating clubs and adult videos. Then one day, Toshiyuki appears to make progress with Chiharu following coaching by the elite salaryman Aoyama Takahiro (Saito Takumi) whom he got to know at his workplace, but …
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