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Earth Trek

Earth Trek logoNo Description

Ebert Presents At The Movies

Ebert Presents At The Movies logoChristy Lemire of The Associated Press and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of Mubi.com are co-hosts of "Ebert Presents at the Movies." The two critics discuss and review movies every week and also introduce special segments featuring other contributors, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Roger Ebert. The new weekly program debuted on January 21, 2011. Distributed via American Public Television (APT), it is carried in forty-nine of the top fifty markets, representing more than 86% national coverage. The program is produced in Chicago at WTTW, where Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert began taping "Sneak Previews" some thirty-five years ago. The executive producer is Roger’s wife, Chaz Ebert, and the director is Don Dupree, who logged fifteen years as director of "Siskel & Ebert" and "Ebert & Ro...

Egypt's Golden Empire

Egypt's Golden Empire logoEgypt's Golden Empire presents the most extraordinary period in Egyptian history. In 1560 BC, when Rome was still a marsh and the Acropolis was an empty rock, Egypt was already 1,000 years old. Although the period of the pyramid-builders was long over, Egypt lay on the threshold of its greatest age. The New Kingdom would be an empire forged by conquest, maintained by intimidation and diplomacy, and remembered long after its demise. Egypt's Golden Empire reveals with startling clarity the hopes and dreams of the Pharaohs and ordinary citizens who created the first great empire in history.

Elmo's World

Elmo's World logoElmo's World" is a segment of the children's television show Sesame Street featuring Elmo, a small red monster. The segment takes place in a computer animated marker-drawn room imagined by Elmo. Each day, there are a series of skits and interviews Elmo then reveals the answer by opening his door in his room. The show also features Mr. Noodle, a human mime character, and Elmo's pet goldfish, Dorothy.


Empires logoThe rise of the Roman Empire is chronicled in this 4 part special, First Aired in 2001. Narrated by Sigourney Weaver, re-enactments, ancient-styled set pieces, ruins and ancient art permeate the visuals as the story of the greatest and most enduring superpower ever known rose to prominence.

Empires: Napoleon

Empires: Napoleon logoBorn in 1769 to a poor but aristocratic Corsican patriot family, 6 year old Napolon Bonaparte is enrolled in a French academy, where his military career begins. His capabilities are amply demonstrated with a series of dazzling victories in Revolutionary France's Italian campaign. He becomes obsessed with and marries Josephine, a widow, and begins a meteoric rise to power. He gradually compromises his egalitarian ideals and crowns himself emperor in 1804. After he establishes himself as master of Europe with victories in battles like Austerlitz and diplomatic alliances, he embarks on a series of decisions that mark his decline and fall: an ill-advised occupation of Spain, his divorce of Josephine and marriage into the Hapsburg family, and his disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812. After a f...

Empires: Peter & Paul and the Christian Revolution

Empires: Peter & Paul and the Christian Revolution logoEarly Christianity faced powerful obstacles: Roman might and the power politics of ancient Jerusalem. Yet the new faith transcended origins in a Roman province to absorb the capital of the empire. Using the words of Paul and other ancient writers, interviews with contemporary scholars, and dramatic re-enactments, the film explores how two men weathered crippling disagreements and political persecution to lead a resilient religious movement

Empires: Queen Victoria's Empire

Empires: Queen Victoria's Empire logoThis series offers an engaging portrait of the Queen who ruled over one-fifth of the world's population for 64 years, as well as influential figures who shaped British imperialism: Gladstone, Disraeli, Livingstone, Rhodes, and Prince Albert. Personal accounts, re-enactments, and cinematography from imperial outposts recount the dramatic clash of personalities and cultures during Victoria's remarkable reign. Donald Sutherland narrates.

Everyday Edisons

Everyday Edisons logoNo Description

Eyewitness (1994)

Eyewitness (1994) logoEach half-hour episode focuses on a single subject in the field of natural science, such as the Solar System or the various functions of the human body. The information is presented in the "Eyewitness Museum", a computer-generated science museum. Various exhibits are shown, and stock video footage is usually seen through large windows or other depressions in the wall. The book series and the show share a striking visual style making notable use of the color white. During the newly produced content (as opposed to stock footage) a background is almost never used in favor of a stark white backdrop, presumably to make the presented object stand out better. In addition, almost every episode features a "Hero". The Hero is a character or object which drives the action of the show and is continual...
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