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America at a Crossroads

America at a Crossroads logoAmerica at a Crossroads is a documentary miniseries concerning the issues facing the United States of America as related to the War on Terrorism. It aired originally on PBS television. The miniseries initially consisted of 11 independently produced aired episodes, and premiered April 15–20, 2007 on PBS.[1] Its executive producers are Jeff Bieber and Dalton Delan; series producer is Leo Eaton and it is presented by Robert MacNeil.[2] Its music score is composed by Canadian musician Mark Korve

America in Primetime

America in Primetime logoAmerica in Primetime is structured around the most com­pelling shows on television today, unfolding over four hours and weaving between past and present. Each episode focuses on one character archetype that has remained a staple of primetime through the generations – the Independent Woman, the Man of the House, the Misfit, and the Crusader – capturing both the continuity of the character, and the evolution. The finest television today has as its foundation the best television of yesterday.

America Revealed

America Revealed logoBased upon the BBC’s award-winning Britain From Above. America Revealed is a unique look at what makes America tick, what it takes to keeps the biggest food machine in the world going, the delicate balance that keeps our supermarkets stocked with groceries and fast food restaurants supplied with fries. How we keep America moving with its vast and complex transport systems. How we propel ourselves through energy, what maintains the constant supply of fuel and electricity to our homes and businesses and finally how we keep up with the ever changing world, the import and export infrastructure that shapes our manufacturing industry. From the Corn farmer in Central Valley, California to the live wire cable repairers in New Jersey. Viewers will discover a fascinating new perspective on the h...

America's Test Kitchen

America's Test Kitchen logoIn "America's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated," a team of expert chefs continue to provide viewers with practical recipes and recommendations that they can use to save money, time and effort in the kitchen. With its uniquely scientific flavor, the show uses blind tasting judges, flash animations and laboratory procedures to answer a variety of kitchen questions. Putting everything from pasta and pasta pots, cheese and cheese graters, as well as host Chris Kimball to the test, this series offers surprises that often defy price points and move beyond fancy packaging and brand expectations.
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American Photography

American Photography logoAmerican Photography captures the images of a century of change and the role the camera has played both in creating and documenting it. Dramatic and intimate stories trace photography's profound effect on American life — influencing what we buy, how we dress, how we get the news, and in matters of life and death, medicine, science and war. American Photography originally premiered in October 1999 and is no longer airing on PBS stations.

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina logoSet in Chipping Cheddar, a place similiar to 1920s London, Angelina Ballerina features Angelina Mouseling, a bold little mouse with big dreams - she hopes to become the greatest ballerina in Mouseland. Based on the books by Katherine Holabird and Helen Craig, this animated series is produced by Grand Slamm Children's Films, for HIT Entertainment. Academy Award winner Dame Judi Dench lends her voice as Miss Lilly, Angelina's friend and ballet teacher. Judi Dench's own daughter, Finty Williams voices the heroine, Angelina Mouseling. Charming, witty and tender, this program's destined to become one of HiT's best franchises. As an added treat, each episode features a segment with young students from the Royal Academy of Dance. Angelina Ballerina has appeared on CiTV in the UK, ABC in Austr...

Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps

Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps logoAngelina Ballerina The Next Steps celebrates music and brings to life many forms of dance for Angelina including ballet, tap dancing, jazz, classical, and ethnic. As a ballerina, Angelina's life revolves around dancing, singing and performance, family, friendship, and following her dreams.

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series logoMarilla and Matthew Cuthbert had planned to adopt a boy to help out around Green Gables farm. But waiting for Matthew at the train station is freckle-faced, red-headed Anne Shirley - a talkative 10 year old orphan with a heart full of dreams… More and a desperate longing for a home. From the minute Anne sets foot in Matthew's buggy, Green Gables will never be the same. Discover the world through Anne's eyes!

Art of the Western World

Art of the Western World logoMagnificent masterpieces of the Western world are presented in their cultural and historical settings. From the restrained classical tradition to energetic and spontaneous modern art, each artistic movement is interpreted through its major paintings, sculptures, and works of architecture. Comments from internationally known art experts and critics assist in understanding and appreciation of the works. This series is also valuable for teachers seeking to review the subject matter. Produced by WNET/New York (major producer). 1989.

Art: 21

Art: 21 logoArt:21--Art in the Twenty-First Century profiles a broad range of emerging and established artists working in the United States today--men and women of varied cultural, religious, and geographic backgrounds--who reflect the diversity of the students in our classrooms, the people in our communities, and the circles of our friends and families. Among the artists featured in this series are painters, photographers, sculptors, and performance and video artists who use a wide variety of media and materials, tools and processes, to create their work. Each one-hour program has been loosely structured around a broad category or theme.
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