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Regency House Party

Regency House Party logoIn the tradition of The 1900 House, Manor House, Frontier House and Colonial House, PBS presents Regency House Party, a series of four episodes in which 10 modern-day men and women get in on the romantic action and the way of life that typified the Regency era. Regency House Party aired on PBS Wednesdays from November 3 to November 24, 2004. Originally premiered February 14, 2004 as an eight part series in the UK on Channel 4 and aired Saturdays at 9:05pm. A hardcover companion book to the series by Lucy Jago is also available and can purchased at Amazon.com in the US and Amazon.co.uk in the UK. A 2-disc DVD set of the series became available November 23 (Region 1).

Reporting America at War

Reporting America at War logo"Reporting America at War" explores the role of American journalists and offers an engaging and informative look at the history of the American media in the pivotal conflicts of the 20th century. The three-hour documentary by Stephen Ives tells the dramatic and often surprising stories of the reporters who witnessed and wrote the news from the battlefield. The film examines the challenges of frontline reporting illuminates the role of the correspondent in shaping the way wars have been remembered and understood. In addition to profiles of such distinguished historical figures as Edward R. Murrow and Ernie Pyle, the documentary features conversations with some of the most influential correspondents such as Christine Amanpour, Peter Arnett, Walter Cronkite, and Andy Rooney, among others.

Rick Steves' Europe - All 80 Shows

Rick Steves' Europe - All 80 Shows logoWelcome to the Rick Steves' Europe guide at TV Tome. Rick Steves has been the "travel guinea pig" for American Public Television since Travels in Europe with Rick Steves debuted in April of 1991. He continues his travels under a new title, but it's obviously the same format. Rick shows some out-of-the-way places the average traveler misses, offers countless travel tips, and always enjoys being immersed in the adventure.

Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac

Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac logoROUGH CUT - WOODWORKING WITH TOMMY MAC invites viewers into the world of respected furniture maker Tommy MacDonald, as he travels to historic landmarks to gain design inspiration and then returns to his workshop to demonstrate the steps and techniques needed to create future family heirlooms. In each episode, MacDonald shares his skills and best practices, providing detailed project instructions for anyone interested in learning the basics of the craft. For the more experienced enthusiast, Tommy also showcases his more complex projects with advanced tips and techniques. Each half-hour includes three segments: "Basic Woodworking Techniques," "Weekend Projects" and "The Field Trip."

Russia's War: Blood Upon The Snow

Russia's War: Blood Upon The Snow logoThis is a massive and extremely well integrated series of documentaries that exhaustively depicts, explains, and examines the nature of the Soviet society at the time of the great patriotic struggle (as they called it) against the Nazi forces that invaded Russia during World War Two. It finds its beginnings in the post-revolutionary struggles of the Russian civil war, and the Russian resolve to be better prepared for the next inevitable invasion from the west which communist doctrine taught them to always expect. As a consequence the Russians painstakingly and consistently rebuilt their forces and manufactured arms and armaments to prepare for that terrible prospect. Of course, they also sabotaged their own interests along the way, in a story that one has to know the Russian mindset well t...

RX for Survival

RX for Survival logoFrom vaccines to antibiotics, clean water to nutrition, bio-terror threats to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the six-part series Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge tells the compelling stories of global health challenges and successes. Employing both historical dramatic sequences and poignant current documentary stories, the series showcases key milestones in public health history, such as the eradication of smallpox, alongside modern and future challenges, including SARS, a potential global flu pandemic and recovery from the Asian tsunami catastrophe.

Science Demonstrations

Science Demonstrations logoHow do you do, ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls? I wish to honor Prof. Julius Sumner Miller. Physics was his business. Consider the following: A 58-year-old physicist has become a celebrity, playing Professor Wonderful on the original Mickey Mouse Club. In Australia during the mid-1960s, he is known to millions as the host of Why Is It So? He has also made multiple appearances on all the talk shows. The man says he is too old for any work, any position at a major college. But he can still lecture. An offer comes from the new Western Instructional Television. In it, Miller is given a free hand. He tells audiences that he would not lecture. Rather, he would show the beauty and drama of physics through a series of demonstrations involving scientific equipment, household items,...

Scientific American Frontiers

Scientific American Frontiers logoScientific American Frontiers is a TV version of the venerable popular science magazine Scientific American. Host Alan Alda interviews those who are exploring the cutting edge of research in all areas of science.

Secrets of the Dead

Secrets of the Dead logoWelcome to the Secrets of the Dead guide at TV Tome. Sometimes the truth gets carried to the grave. The techniques of modern forensic science are used to investigate a historical mystery to find proof of what really happened. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street logoSesame Street is a widely recognized and perpetually daring experiment in educational children's programming. This show has taken popular-culture and turned it upside-down. The fastpaced advertisements that had parents of the new era worrying for their children were the basis for the original format of this show. The show has often satirized pop culture, and made itself easier for parents to watch along too. And thus, the positive impact this show has had on modern society is beyond another. No show is more recognized the world over by as many generations and walks of life. Shown in its original format or with changes to reflect a regional education focus, Sesame Street is now seen in over 140 countries. The show that Entertainment Weekly named the "20th Best Ever Show" has changed the ed...
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