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Masterpiece Contemporary

Masterpiece Contemporary logoEach fall, Masterpiece contemporary showcases dramas set in modern times. They are of the contemporary, issue-driven category. Contemporary is a showcase for made-for-TV, high-end programs.

Masterpiece Mystery!

Masterpiece Mystery! logoEach summer, Masterpiece mystery! presents the best British mysteries. PBS brings this outstanding collection of mystery programs to their television screens. Summer will see new episodes in four programs that have already made their debuts. Foyle's War, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and Inspector Lewis all return. New Mysteries Series are planned.

Masterpiece Theatre

Masterpiece Theatre logoMasterpiece Theatre premiered on PBS on January 10, 1971, making it America's longest-running weekly primetime drama series. Since 1993, its host has been Russell Baker. Other than this, its format has remained relatively unchanged, one of its most distinguishing characteristics being its signature themesong, "Rondeau" by Jean-Joseph Moret. This season, however, the themesong has been slightly tweaked to be slightly more jolly, but essentially remains the same. Masterpiece Theatre has won 30 Primetime Emmy Awards, as well as a host of other awards.

Masters of American Music

Masters of American Music logoMasters of American Music is a documentary feature tracing the roots of American jazz. Telling the story through the words of the artists themselves, Masters of American Music profiles American jazz masters Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday and Thelonius Monk. Parker, a saxophone prodigy, nearly re-invented the music form before his untimely death at 35, attributed to drug usage. Parker gained tremendous success at an early age and was embraced by music fans and insiders alike. Holiday's contribution to her musical genre is still being felt today, and through interviews with friends and peers, her life and music is examined. Thelonius Monk, known as much for his colorful, eccentric personality as for his music, is profiled like never before, and a portrait of a deeply misunderstood man emerge...

Maya & Miguel

Maya & Miguel logoMaya & Miguel is based on two 10-year-old twins who are Hispanic and go to school, and make new friends. This show is made by Scholastic, who also makes childrens' favorites such as Clifford The Big Red Dog, Clifford's Puppy Days and The Magic School Bus. Maya & Miguel features guest stars including Erik Estrada, Lucy Liu, Carlos Ponce and Elizabeth Peña. The show is made for 5 year olds to 11 year olds, but other children might be interested in it as well. The show entertains and educate children. It will entertain as it is an animated comedy. It educates because it teaches Spanish Language, Culture, traditions and it encourages cultural diversity. The show describes the adventures of the Santo's Twins. As well, as the lessons and experiences the twins have. It explains how the twin...

Mexico - One Plate at a Time

Mexico - One Plate at a Time logoAward-winning chef Rick Bayless is your host as he encourages home cooks to use the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine in their everyday cooking.

Michael Feinstein's American Songbook

Michael Feinstein's American Songbook logoWhile chronicling Feinstein’s fabulous but exhausting life on the road—150 performances a year, all over the country—Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook delves into cultural history to reveal how popular music reflected different eras in the 20th century and shaped the style, attitude and self-image of America for more than a century.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood logo"In a little toy neighborhood, a tiny trolley rolls past a house at the end of a street. Welcome to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." In the annals of children's TV, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood ranks among the longest-lasting and beloved shows. Upon its conclusion, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was the longest-running series in PBS history (a record eclipsed by Sesame Street in 2003). Host Fred Rogers (known to millions as simply "Mister Rogers") used his gentle charm and mannerisms to communicate with his audience of children. Topics centered on nearly every inconceivable matter of concern to children, ranging from everyday fears related to going to sleep, getting immunizations and disappointment about not getting one's way to losing a loved one to death and physical handicaps. Rogers used sim...

Monty Python's Personal Best

Monty Python's Personal Best logoMonty Python recounts their favorite episodes in this 6-part special.


Motorweek logoMotorWeek is an American automotive television series. The award-winning program premiered in 1981 and is hosted by auto expert John H. Davis, who is also the series’ creator and executive producer. MotorWeek is produced by Maryland Public Television and is seen nationwide on PBS, Discovery Network, Discovery HD Theater, V-me and globally on the American Forces Network. Full episodes of MotorWeek can be seen on pbs.org. The half-hour program is presented in a magazine-like format, with reviews, comparisons, news, and features. MotorWeek's original slogan was "Television's automotive magazine", later changed to "Television's original automotive magazine". This only applies to American television, however, as the BBC's Top Gear debuted in 1977.
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