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Kidsongs logoThe Kidsongs Television Show features a cast of kids focused running a television studio. The Kidsongs music videos were among the videos the Kidsongs TV kids put into their show.

Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites

Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites logoKingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites tells the epic story of the Jews and the creation of the world's first and most profoundly influential monotheistic religion. The stories of the patriarch Abraham, the liberator Moses, the poet-king David and his son Solomon all come to life in the dramatic tale of loss and triumph that shaped humanity's basic moral struggle for more than three millennia.

Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop

Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop logoLandscapes Through Time with David Dunlop is a unique, lively and entertaining 13 half-hour high definition television series on art and painting that was broadcast nationally on PBS beginning in June, 2008. Our series provides a unique blend of art, history, travel, science, philosophy, and painting technique as David Dunlop uses his entertaining, integrative approach to make the artists and their art come alive – for the artist and the general viewer as well.

Latin Music USA

Latin Music USA logoFrom Latin Jazz and Mambo to Salsa, Tejano, Chicano Rock, Latin pop, and Reggaeton, Latin Music USA tells the story of the rise of new music forged from powerful Latin roots and reveals the often overlooked influence of Latin music on Jazz, Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll. It's a fresh take on musical history, reaching across time and musical genres to embrace the exciting hybrid sounds created by Latinos: musical fusions that have deeply enriched popular music in the US over more than five decades. The series features memorable characters and vibrant music and dance showcasing the impressive range of Latin music, including, among others, Salsa greats Willie Colon and Marc Anthony; the Latin-inflected sound found in much of sixties Rock and Roll from the Drifters to Motown to...

Learn to Read

Learn to Read logoWelcome to the Learn to Read guide at TV Tome. By the mid-1980s, an estimated 27 million American adults had no reading skills. It would take a total team effort to conquer adult illiteracy anywhere. That is why The Kentucky Network (KET) and Scripps-Howard Broadcasting created Learn to Read, with portions shot in Kentucky and Michigan. Indeed, content on Learn to Read was based on the Michigan Method. The format of Learn to Read was designed to help any adult with any defree of reading problem. Thirty programs, designed for broadcast over a six-week span, covered everything: letters, sounds, words, cursive handwriting, sentences. Besides instructors Doris Biscoe and Charlotte Scot, Learn to Read also relied on a handful of characters (we need their identities, so any submissions are we...

Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery logoThe most notable expedition in U.S. history was led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, with soldiers, an African-American slave, a female guide, and Canadian boatmen. Ken Burns' LEWIS & CLARK re-creates the 1803 journey to locate the Northwest Passage. The explorers found a varied landscape and a dizzying diversity of Indian peoples.

Liberty! The American Revolution

Liberty! The American Revolution logoSix-hour documentary on the American Revolution, from the passage of the Stamp Act (1765) through the ratification of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights (1789). In addition to narration and interviews with historians, the series uses re-enactments of military engagements and excerpts from letters, diaries and other documents of the period, spoken by actors.

Liberty's Kids

Liberty's Kids logoWelcome to the Liberty's Kids guide at TV Tome. Liberty's Kids was a truly "revolutionary" children's animated series by DIC. For as long as it ran on PBS, Liberty's Kids entertained seven- to twelve-year-olds while introducing them to the exciting stories and people behind the birth of a nation. The program unfurled its historical vignettes through the eyes of two teenage apprentices, Sarah Phillips and James Hiller, who worked in Benjamin Franklin's print shop and discovered first-hand the great adventures of the American Revolution. Benjamin Franklin's wise words and strong principled actions gave guidance to our young heroes, whether he is with them in Philadelphia or writing from across the ocean in France. James Hiller was a 14-year-old apprentice journalist at Ben Franklin's Pr...

Lidia's Italy

Lidia's Italy logoLidia's Italy celebrates the land Lidia Bastianich calls home. In this series, Lidia journeys throughout Italy to sample and prepare local specialties from Rome, Naples, Padua, Sicily, Trieste and Istria. Back in her kitchen in the United States, the warm and engaging host demonstrates two or three recipes she encountered during her travels. Throughout the series, friends and family often join Lidia in the kitchen. Her daughter Tanya introduces some of Lidia's favorite hidden cultural treasures, while her son Joseph frequently stops by to discuss regional wines.

Live From Lincoln Center

Live From Lincoln Center logoLive From Lincoln Center brings broadcasts of live performances of music, drama and dance direct from the stages of Lincoln Center in New York City into homes across America and around the world.
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