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Nine Network

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60 Minutes Australia

60 Minutes Australia logo60 Minutes is a popular Australian current affairs program based on the U.S. version of the same name. Featuring many noted Australian journalists over the years, the current presenters include Liam Bartlett, Tara Brown, Liz Hayes and Peter Overton.

A Current Affair (Australia)

A Current Affair (Australia) logoPublic Affairs program that covers the most recent public affairs that of interest to Australia. Hosted by Ray Martin.

Aussie Ladette To Lady

Aussie Ladette To Lady logoThere is a new breed of women in Australia — loud, foul-mouthed and uncultured. They are called "ladettes". Following Ladette To Lady, the highly successful British series, eight of the worst kind of Australian ladettes are sent to the other side of the world to improve their manners.
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Australian Druglords

Australian Druglords logoHosted by Gary Sweet, Australian Druglords is a ground-breaking true crime series, with unprecedented access to confidential police files, which takes you inside the secret world of the NSW Police drug squad as they bring down Australia's biggest druglords. After the second episode this series was renamed as Under Surveillance: Australian Druglords.

Backyard Blitz

Backyard Blitz logoNo Description

Ben Elton: Live From Planet Earth

Ben Elton: Live From Planet Earth logoShort-lived (axed after only three episodes) live comedy variety program hosted by Ben Elton for Australia's Channel Nine.

Big Brother (Australia)

Big Brother (Australia) logoThe craze of Big Brother is simple - 14 people in a house on camera 24/7. Each week, one is evicted. Throw in 3 specials a week and voila - a hit series! The phenomenon has swept the world and has finally reached Australia and New Zealand, and by the ratings, it's here to stay. Each year the producers try to come up with fresh un-used ideas. In previous years the winner of Big Brother has pocketed $250,000. That's enough money to set any young person up financially. But this year's prize money is out of control. The winner of Big Brother 2004 will become a millionaire! And it will be kept secret from the Housemates, until Big Brother decides to share it with them. Everybody seems to have a bit of a '70s feel about them at the moment. There's a bit of a resurgence of all of that. It just s...

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers logoJeffrey Gilham had a perfect life. He lived on a river in the heart of Sydney's affluent Shire district. He was handsome, educated, a champion athlete, and a model son from a perfect family. So why, on a freezing morning in 1993 did this model son butcher his parents and brother? Or did he?
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