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Starship Operators

Premier :: 2005-01-05

Airs :: Wednesday 18:00 on TV Tokyo

Genre :: Action

Starship Operators poster
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AD 2300, the human race has advanced to space, and a lot of planetary nations have been founded. Amaterasu is a newly built space battleship of a planetary nation, Kibi. It is operated by apprentice officers of Defense Academy. When it is about to return from the test flight, the Alliance of Henrietta Nations declares war against Kibi. The alliance destroys the battleships of Kibi by its overwhelming military power, and Kibi surrenders to the alliance. However, the apprentice officers in Amaterasu don't want to surrender without fighting. In order to fight against the alliance, they come up with an idea. They ask Galaxy Network, a galaxy wide TV network, to become their sponsor. In return for receiving money, they let Galaxy Network broadcast their war. Amaterasu and Galaxy Network, being involved various speculations, a solitary war of Amaterasu begins.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 13 - Moment of Truth
Aired - 30 March 2005

Episode summary:

Using the Amaterasu incident as a rationale, the Earth Federation stages a massive coup d'état, and demands the surrender of the Amaterasu. In the face of inevitable defeat, Sinon formulates a political strategy of her own.The Amaterasu's crew escaped via shuttle while Dita broadcasts the earth Alliance's attack on the guard ship. Shimei Yuuki, the only commissioned officer decided to be left behind.

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