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The Space Explorers

Premier :: 1958-05-01


The Space Explorers poster


Welcome to The Space Explorers guide at TV Tome. If you were a kid growing up in the middle of the 1950 - 1960's "Space Race" era, you had the pleasure and privilege to watch the myriad of space cartoons being broadcast on the air. Each morning, shows like Captain Satellite, Captain Kangaroo, Captain Video, Sheriff John, and even Romper Room with "Miss Connie" showed space cartoons. Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Space Patrol, Fireball XL-5, Ultra Man, Rocket Man, Commando Cody ......and "The Space Explorers" were everywhere. A new website entitled, TheSpaceExplorers.com has emerged out of the clear blue to revive interest, preserve the memory, and dedicate this early animated outer-space cartoon series to its recently deceased Producer, William D. Cayton. THE PLOT: The cartoon "feature" series tells the story of a young boy named "Jimmy" who is the son of astronaut, "Commander Perry". Some years earlier, Commander Perry blasted off in his Polaris-I spacecraft for the P

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