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Maze Megaburst Space

Premier :: 1997-04-02

on TV Tokyo

Genre :: Action

Maze Megaburst Space poster
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A teenage girl wakes up in her bed, in her bedroom, which has been ripped off the rest of her house, in an unfamiliar world. She remembers her name, "Maze." A little girl named Mill hugs her and calls her `big sister.` But it turns out, the girl`s a princess, Maze has to protect her, and Maze also turns into a MAN at night. Hmm. (Suddenly she becomes `oneiniisama` to Mill-chan...`big sister/brother`....)As the series goes on, Maze meets up with all sorts of wacky friends, most of whom...erm...kind of...uh...*like* female Maze. (If by `like` you mean `want to strip naked...`) And male Maze, in turn, kind of *likes* just about all females... These people all wind up protecting Maze and Mill-chan. Mill has to eventually go reclaim the throne . And almost everyone uses Form/Folm to create energy blasts and mecha-type things to fight.

Latest Episode

Series 0 - Episode 1 - Hot Springs
Aired - 23 October 2004

Episode summary:

This is the missing Hot Springs episode included in the unrated boxset of Maze: Mega-Burst Space.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 24 The Last Battle Aired - 17 September 1997

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