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The T.O. Show

Premier :: 2009-07-20

Airs :: Sunday 10pm on VH1

Genre :: Reality

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By any standard, wide receiver Terrell Owens is a superstar. His explosive speed, superb physical conditioning, and dynamic competitive spirit should seemingly translate to off-the-field success in love, family and life. But even at the top of his game, something is missing, and this off-season Terrell Owens finds himself a man in transition. Brash and outspoken, a media magnet, the private Terrell is a low-key introspective native of tiny Alexander City, Alabama who never forgets where he came from. To help reconcile the contradictions in his persona -- he's both "T.O.," a controversial hero to thousands of fans, and "Terrell Owens," a single guy still searching for the right woman - he's taking some time in Los Angeles to chill out, reflect and be closer to his friends. But because his "T.O." side is always present just beneath the surface, things won't stay quiet for long. Terrell is not on this journey alone. His best friends and publicists, Monique Jackson and Kita Williams, are there every step of the way. They are determined to shepherd their friend and client into success off the field, voicing their very distinct opinions about who Terrell should date, and who he shouldn't, while simultaneously running the "T.O. brand." They also aren't above a little subterfuge to get their way, keeping a close eye on Terrell at red carpet events, gatherings at his house, club openings and even on cruise ships -- never hesitating to pull back the reins and remind him that this off-season is about getting in touch with his inner Terrell. From the dramatic end of his tenure in Dallas to his exciting new chapter in Buffalo, Monique and Kita also encourage Terrell to travel home to Alexander City, Alabama to share a poignant visit with his estranged father. Could this meeting help explain why he is who he is today? And, will it inspire Terrell to rethink his own role as a father? Emotional, entertaining and most of all revealing, Terrell Owens will expose his personal life as never before, bringing all the drama, energy and heart that only he can bring.

Latest Episode

Series 3 - Episode 10 - Next Steps
Aired - 31 October 2011

Episode summary:

In the season finale, Terrell hits the red-carpet for his "Dysfunctional Friends" movie premiere and bows to the lavish accolades. Back in Los Angeles, Mo and Kita must face the press alone when the news breaks about Terrell's injury and he is nowhere to be found. With the football season fast approaching, Terrell refuses to buckle and puts all his physical and mental efforts towards getting back on the field one more time.

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+ Episode - 8 The Next Stage Aired - 17 October 2011
+ Episode - 7 Star 81 Aired - 10 October 2011
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+ Episode - 1 Under The Knife Aired - 22 August 2011

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