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Set Of Six

Premier :: 1990-06-12

on Channel 4

Genre :: Comedy

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This is a series of six short films following the lives of sextuplets who fell out with each other on their birthday. The six brothers are: 1- Doctor Martin Scrote, an overworked alcoholic doctor, with a bizarre guest slot on a television show. 2- "Top Shot" Scrote, a failing photograper who seems to cock every assignment he's given up. 3- Terry "The Tornado" Scrote, the world's worst boxer and his entourage, Uncle Bertram, Mr Shingles and his nemesis "Man Who Packs A Punch" Pickford. 4- Giles Scrote, the newest member of The Young Farmers, and owner of an ever decreasing farm. 5- Ronnie Scrote, he's the biggest supergrass of the day, but don't tell him I told you. He has the scars of his facelift exposed to the climate of Iceland after going into witness protection. 6- And finally Tarquin Shirley Stanstead Scrote, one time cabinet minister, now an alcoholic tramp on his quest for a lost bank account throughout London.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 6 - Tarquin Shirley Stanstead Scrote
Aired - 17 July 1990

Episode summary:

One time MP Tarquin Shirley Stanstead Scrote falls on hard times after taking the government to court. He is convinced that he has a bank account somewhere with a large amount of money in it but can he find it? This follows the adventures and mishaps of Tarquin as he battles with himself and his alcohol problem!

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