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Superman: The Animated Series

Premier :: 1996-09-06

on The WB

Genre :: Action

Superman: The Animated Series poster
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"Superman" was an animated series that premiered on September 6, 1996. The series was created following the success of "Batman: The Animated Series", Superman was based on the popular Superman comics created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The series focused on the adventures of Superman an incredibly powerful crime fighter from the planet Krypton who defends Metropolis from a variety of supercriminals that include Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Metallo, The Parasite, Livewire, The Toyman, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Bizarro, Darkseid, Lobo, Jax-Ur, and Mala. Superman's secret identity is Clark Kent a mild-mannered reporter for the newspaper "The Daily Planet". There Superman worked with fellow reporter Lois Lane and photographer Jimmy Olsen. The series opened with an hour and a half long show that featured the origin of Superman and the exploits of Superman's Kryptonian father who was attempting to save his planet from world-wide catastrophe and the planet's artificial intelligence Brainiac. In latter seasons, the show feature guest appearances by a variety of other famous comic book heroes including Supergirl, Batman, Robin, The Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, The New Gods and Steel. In 1997, episodes of "Superman" were broadcast alongside episodes of "The New Batman Adventures" and reruns of "Batman: the Animated Series" under the title "The New Batman/Superman Adventures".

Latest Episode

Series 0 - Episode 2 - Doomsday
Aired - 12 July 2008

Episode summary:

When LexCorp accidentally unearths the intergalactic serial killer Doomsday, Superman battles the creature head on in the fight of his life...literally. The world collectively mourns their fallen hero; humanity realizes it will never feel truly safe again. Superman's enemies rejoice - all but Lex Luthor, who grieves the loss in his own demented manner, setting off a chilling chain of events that even he couldn't have forseen. Inspired by the bestselling graphic novel of all time, DC Comics' The Death of Superman, this feature-length animated movie boasts exciting action sequences that rivals anything you've ever seen starring the Man of Steel!

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+ Series 4

+ Episode - 3 Legacy: Part II Aired - 12 February 2000
+ Episode - 2 Legacy: Part I Aired - 05 February 2000
+ Episode - 1 The Demon Reborn Aired - 18 September 1999

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