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Rough Science

Premier :: 2000-05-01

on BBC Two

Genre :: Documentary

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Welcome to the Rough Science guide at TV Tome. This is a new guide, so some information is still missing. Please bear with us! One of a number of "junk science" shows that have appeared on our screens through the years, Rough Science takes five scientists to a remote location where they are set challenges to be undertaken with only basic equipment, a few special items provided, and whatever they can find or extract from the local environment. US publicity called it "Survivor meets Junkyard Wars", though Rough Science actually went into production before Survivor. From a British point of view, the show fits into a similar niche to that occupied by the 1980s ratings-winners The Great Egg Race and Now Get Out Of That!, as well as belonging to BBC2's portfolio of "popular science" shows alongside such hits as What The Romans Did For Us and Hollywood Science. The scientists who take on the challenges cover most of the major specialisms; the regular team comprises a chemist, a

Latest Episode

Series 6 - Episode 6 - Photo
Aired - 07 December 2005

Episode summary:

The Rough Science team face their final challenge. They must take a memento of the mill and send it, by air, along a valley to Kate. Mike and Hermione decide to take a silver-nitrate photograph while Ellen and Jonathan hope to make hydrogen balloons to get the image to Kate. As silver compounds were used in early photography, Hermione hopes that some of the rock taken from the mine they explored last time will contain enough silver for their photograph. But when she casts an expert eye over the rock, Hermione can’t find any silver ore. So she decides to search for more promising rocks in an old silver mine. Mike’s job is to make nitric acid to react with Hermione’s silver ore and he chooses an unlikely source, horse manure. But can a combination of manure and stones produce a recognisable photograph? If the photo does get taken, there's still the problem of delivery. Jonathan and Ellen decide to make a hydrogen balloon with a timed release mechanism. Jonathan sets about making hydrogen using bits of zinc and acid while Ellen figures out how to use the wind to their advantage. Having made a wind speed detector from an old fan and voltmeter, Ellen has to figure out how to make the photograph drop into Kate’s eagerly waiting hands. It's touch and go as to whether the delivery system will work - and if there's something to deliver. Join the team to discover if they end their time in Colorado with a victory - or if they're heading home defeated.

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+ Series 6

+ Episode - 6 Photo Aired - 07 December 2005
+ Episode - 5 Mine Aired - 30 November 2005
+ Episode - 4 Clean Aired - 23 November 2005
+ Episode - 3 Mountain Aired - 16 November 2005
+ Episode - 2 Safety Aired - 09 November 2005
+ Episode - 1 Power Aired - 02 November 2005

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