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Saber Marionette J

Premier :: 1996-10-01

on TV Tokyo

Genre :: Animation

Saber Marionette J poster
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In a world of only males, they have created female looking marionettes (androids). A handful of them have been given special 'hearts' called maiden circuits that give them emotion and human personality. Three of these are found by Otaru, and they soon are caught up in a war against Lord Faust and his 3 'human' marionettes.

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 23 - The Dream in the Circuit
Aired - 18 December 2003

Episode summary:

This sequence begins with a review into the past of Dr. Hess. It was a happy families father. And it was astronaut. It comes of the earth, and one day it got the order to participate in a reconnaissance mission into the depths of the Alls If he overtook himself the old videos of its daughter, its woman Inga and its mother looks at, deeply is seized he always. He mumbles to itself, he had to hurry himself because he would have only little time. Glued and are destroyed the other rather at the ground because Otaru put back it. It goes it itself no little better although he convulsively persuades himself, he correctly had decided. Bloodberry is again in Akashi in the circus. Does you ask it: what if it a person would become? What would it perceive then? It is yet Akashi equal: it loves it so how it is. Nevertheless: the offer of Dr. Hess is more than enticing. Also Cherry goes it so similarly. The words of Dr. Hess go its no longer out of the sense. And glued practically already decided to suppose this offer. It persuades herself, Otaru would have left it because it is no person. That is to be sure nonsense, but if one begins first once to believe sowas, holds one nothing more. Baiko and Tamasaburou have a good and a bad message for Lorelei. The good: Otaru returns. The bad: a gigantic, secret spaceship constructed Dr. Hess by the name of Neo Mesopotamia, has he with that certainly nothing good in the sense. Fist and its Saberdolls make to be sure hunt on it, however not yet placed it. Lorelei worries large. On the journey, the train made a between stop, and also on the return trip, it holds is again here, between high mountains, nearly at a waterfall, the Hanagata already once down favor. Otaru goes it again more badly. There tiger stands suddenly before it. The train goes further, but Otaru is no longer on board. Fist that stands outside with its Saberdolls, asks it what he would think himself actually at the same time to put back its puppet. That is not only heartless against it, would glue and be the other in large danger. No one knows, what Yan min and Dr. Hess wanted really of them, but because Dr. Hess is yet there outside underway, that three are further its goal. There a battle puppet falls itself of one of the mountains on Otaru and fist. The Saberdolls relatively easily can overcome it, but that does not utilize them much. For then Dr. Hess appears. It turns off the Saberdolls. Then it gives notice very officially in fist (it was yes its colleague). And then it calls the three Sabermarionetten per radio command here. Fist wants to know, what it with this spaceship vorhat. Now, it wants to fly home. After 400 years. Fist reciprocates that Terra 2 is settled first for 300 years by persons. And generally: everyone that live on Terra 2, born are not would clone there, therefore on Terra 2 and the earth home, with exception of Lorelei. And Dr. Hess. It is clone actually no, but rather over 400 years old and native Terraner, astronaut and participant of the Frontier projects, gestrandet and forget on Terra 2 400 years ago. To be sure its body has only therefore as long as held, because he rebuilt himself gradually to a Cyborg. Only its brain is yet original, nevertheless. Yet after 400 years, also this threatens remains to fail now slowly, therefore it for that, what it vorhat, no longer much time. Otaru is shocked when it sees, whom Dr. Hess has with itself: would glue. Then Hess shows them the Neo Mesopotamia that it hid in one of the mountains. It goes would glue with on board. It decided to be made of it to a person. The price for that: the coordinate of the worm hole that leads to the solar system. Lorelei had not it in its brain, but they are stored in the board computer of the Mesopotamia, and if glued or one of the other carriers of a girl-circuit voluntarily cooperate, take action Dr. Hess with its aid on that and retrieve it.

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+ Episode - 26 A Forever Blue Sky Aired - 18 February 2003
+ Episode - 25 Rays of Light Aired - 18 February 2003
+ Episode - 22 The Cry Aired - 17 December 2002
+ Episode - 19 1/3 of Sorrow Aired - 17 December 2002

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