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R.O.D. - Read or Die

Premier :: 2003-09-01

on Fuji TV

Genre :: Action and Adventure

R.O.D. - Read or Die poster


A sinister plot is afoot and only one schoolteacher, a special agent with an affinity for literature, can stop it. She is Ms. Yomiko Readman--better known to her colleagues in Section A of Library Special Operations as "The Paper". Someone is bent upon procuring a rare lost Beethoven manuscript and has enlisted a few of history's most extraordinary personalities, through stolen DNA, to aid in the endeavor. Readman and her fellow super-powered operatives must tangle with the likes of Tokugawa-era scientist Gennai Hiraga, aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal, and 19th century entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre in a desperate race to find the books and save the world! When a terrorist group known as the I-Jin appears, threatening to destroy all of the human race whom they deem "inferior", there are only a few special people who can defeat them. "The Paper", "Miss Deep", and Drake--special agents, each with their own skills and talents--must work together to stop humanity's greatest

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 3 - Volume 3
Aired - 06 February 2002

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 3 Volume 3 Aired - 06 February 2002
+ Episode - 2 Volume 2 Aired - 18 July 2001
+ Episode - 1 Volume 1 Aired - 23 May 2001

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