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Pokémon Housou

Premier :: 2002-12-01

Airs :: Tuesday 7:00 PM

Genre :: Animation

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Pokemon Housou is a separate show from the actual Pokemon TV series, which shows what goes on in other places while Ash is away in Hoenn. This show currently airs only in Japan but will soon air in the US under the title Pokemon Chronicles. Characters Misty: Misty is the Cerulean Gym Leader. When it comes to battling, she is good at it. Misty may encounter a problem, but she can get out of it. She is a nice friend and sister to three. Tracy: Tracy loves to draw pictures of Pokemon. He has a few Pokemon that he uses in battling, just in case he is confronted by another Pokemon or perhaps, Team Rocket. Brock: The former Pewter Gym Leader. He use to run the rock gym, but he left his Pokemon with his brother, Jiroo. After he did this, he headed to the Hoenn Region, where he met up with Ash. Brock wants to be a Pokemon breeder. Team Rocket: Jessie, James, and Meowth are Team Rocket, an organization run by Giovanni. Team Rocket is always looking forward to new rare

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 4 - Galloping Sky Legend - Richie and Moltres!
Aired - 28 September 2004

Episode summary:

Ash's one dream, he has set his mind too, is be honored as a Pokemon Master. He isn't the only one who hopes for this, but Richie does too. Richie makes a new friend, who wants to encounter a Moltres. He travels with his friend and they both meet the legendary, fire Pokemon, Moltres.

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