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Kino no Tabi

Premier :: 2003-04-08

Airs :: Tuesday 18:30 on WOWOW

Genre :: Adventure

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Composed in the form of a series of short stories, this is the story of the travels of the human Kino and the talking motorbike Hermes. Kino and Hermes visit various different countries.A country that can`t live with others because of the development of telepathy (a country that understand people`s pain); a country that are striving to make everything equal, whose residents are extremely united (a country ruled by majority), etc. etc.Then, when three days pass, they leave the country. Kino and Hermes are travelers (observers). Small ripples are formed in the usual lives of the people living in the various countries by the appearance of the unusual traveler Kino. But that is becoming a major incident that will shake up their usual lives.What will Kino and Hermes see in their travels? And what will be left in the hearts of the people they encountered?

Latest Episode

Series 0 - Episode 3 - Country of Illness -For You-
Aired - 21 April 2007

Episode summary:

Kino and Hermes journey to a highly advanced country where the people live confined in a sealed environment. By request of her father, Kino tells about her travels to a sick girl who is hospitalized there.

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+ Series 2

+ Episode - 0 0 Aired - Air date unknown.

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