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Shion no Ou

Premier :: 2007-10-14

on Fuji TV

Genre :: Animation

Shion no Ou poster


Shion no Ou tells the story of a young girl by the name of Ishiwatari Shion . At the age of 4, Shion`s parents were murdered at their house. The police didn`t find anything at the crime scene that might lead them to the murderer apart from a shougi board upon which the pieces were lined up in an orderly fashion. Shion was not harmed even though she was at the house at the time of the murder but the shock of seeing her parents lying dead in a pool of blood resulted in the loss of her voice. The Ishiwatari neighbours and close friends, the Yasuoka family (made up of Yasuoka Shinji and his wife Sachiko) adopted Shion after the murder and raised her as their own daughter and so she was renamed Yasuoka Shion since then. Shinji is a professional Shogi player and during the years that passed after the murder, he taught Shion how to play shogi. Shion was a natural at playing shogi. She learned the game very quickly and mastered it at an early age. She rose quickly in the ranks of the game and became a genius professional player just like her new father. The story is about Shion`s life 8 years after the murder and how her chosen path as a professional shogi player might one day lead to finding her parents` murderer.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 22 - Towards Tomorrow
Aired - 22 March 2008

Episode summary:

The evidence is conclusive, Hani-Meijin is the killer of Shion's parent's and his younger brother's girlfriend. Despite this, the match goes on. Hani-Meijin confesses that he killed Shion's parents to raise up a competitor that would be strong enough to take him to new heights and claiming he "raised her", but to do so, he must win the match. However, Shion wins with a perfect defense. She regains her voice to tell Hani-Meijin that she is not a product of him, but her family and friends. Hani-Meijin is arrested and Shion is promoted to a 4-dan professional kishi. Ayumi is shown winning a match and also becoming a professional kishi. Nikaido announces her intentions to become one as well. The final scene shows Shion in a match as a 5-dan and having retained her voice.

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+ Episode - 20 Demonic Murder Aired - 08 March 2008
+ Episode - 19 Recalling Move Aired - 01 March 2008
+ Episode - 18 Halted Time Aired - 23 February 2008
+ Episode - 17 Mind Reading Aired - 16 February 2008
+ Episode - 16 The Heavenly Eye Aired - 09 February 2008
+ Episode - 15 Time`s Answer Aired - 02 February 2008
+ Episode - 14 Musical Challenge Aired - 26 January 2008
+ Episode - 12 Reading the Fox Aired - 12 January 2008
+ Episode - 11 Doubt Aired - 22 December 2007
+ Episode - 10 Magic Spell Aired - 15 December 2007
+ Episode - 8 The Door to Dreams Aired - 01 December 2007
+ Episode - 7 Playing Pieces Aired - 24 November 2007
+ Episode - 6 Provocation Aired - 17 November 2007
+ Episode - 5 The Courageous Move Aired - 10 November 2007
+ Episode - 4 Demon Move Aired - 03 November 2007
+ Episode - 2 Secrets Aired - 20 October 2007
+ Episode - 1 Shion`s Path Aired - 13 October 2007

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