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Nick Arcade

Premier :: 1992-01-01

Airs :: Daily 6:00 AM on Nickelodeon

Genre :: Children

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Welcome to the Nick Arcade guide at TV Tome. Two teams of kids competed. To start, one member of each team played a face-off game where the winner got 25 points and control. The team in control got to move Mikey on a grid of about 15 squares. The object was to move him up, down, left or right towards a goal. On each square was an event. Phil referred to these as the four P's "points, puzzles, pop quizzes and prizes." So, some squares would be worth free points, some worth a free prize, some had video puzzles for points, and some squares contained pop quizzes. There, the team that landed on the square would pick a topic and a buzz-in question would be asked for 25 points. If a team hit the monster for the day, they lost control. If a video challenge came up, the team that moved Mikey there would choose one of five video games on stage. One member of the team would risk any or all of their points to that point. The other had to meet or beat the "Wizard's Challenge" in 30

Latest Episode

Series 4 - Episode 15 - Episode 80
Aired - 19 April 1993

Episode summary:

The red and yellow teams vie for a prize on the game show.

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