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The New Treasure Hunt

Premier :: 1973-09-01


The New Treasure Hunt poster


Ladies and gentlemen, The New Treasure Hunt always opened with a tense heartbeat and the silhouette of a bonded security agent who had just placed a check for $25,000 in one of thirty surprise packages. In each episode, someone stood a chance to win any one of the show's fabulous prizes, or that grand prize of $25,000. Nothing about the show was as tense as that tease. On the contrary, when Chuck Barris bought the Treasure Hunt rights from Jan Murray (the original host & creator of the 1950s game show), he eliminated the quiz segment and male contestants! This game show was for female contestants only! Host Geoff Edwards would go into the audience where ten lucky women had small boxes. When they opened the boxes, three lucky ladies got to come on stage to choose a surprise jack-in-the-box. The woman who got the jack-in-the-box got to go on a Treasure Hunt. The lady got to pick one of 30 boxes which contained fabulous prizes, checks from $5,000-$14,000, the grand

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