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Mummies & The Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Premier :: 1996-06-06

Airs :: Sunday 8 pm on A&E

Genre :: Documentary

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Journey back to the rich and fantastic world of Ancient Egypt a world where animals could magically jump out of a hieroglyph and change the meaning of your writing. Where giant pyramids were a gateway to the afterlife. Where a king's ransom could buy an elaborate 70-day process that would guarantee the eternal preservation of your corpse. Join the world's greatest Egyptologists and the latest computer technology for this extraordinary program which brings the fabled world back to life. Unlock the secrets of the pyramids and the sphinx, decipher long-secret hieroglyphs and explore the glittering sepulcher of the legendary Tutankhamun. And get an inside look at the recently discovered KV-5, believed to be the family tomb of Ramses the Great.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 3 - Hieroglyphs
Aired - 24 June 1996

Episode summary:

This third episode of A&E's series Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt examines the hieroglyphs, the writing system of ancient Egypt. An in-depth discussion of their initial translation is offered, including the crucial role played by the Rosetta stone. Also discussed is the lasting and continuing impact of the ancient wisdom thus decrypted.

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