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Maybe It's Me

Premier :: 2001-10-01

on The WB

Genre :: Comedy

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Domestic lunacy reigns in this comedy about a normal teen coping with a kooky family. Sixteen-year-old Molly Stage lives in a cramped Rhode Island house headed by her clueless parents: Jerry, the coach of a girls soccer team, and Mary, who dispenses ludicrous advice. Molly's siblings are petty crook Rick, wannabe Christian rock singer Grant and tempestuous twins Cindy and Mindy. Her grandparents aren't quite sane either. Her grandma hides food and always repeats herself, and her grandpa can't stand her grandma.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 22 - The Prom Episode (2)
Aired - 03 May 2002

Episode summary:

Molly prepares to attend the prom as the comedy series wraps up its first season with the conclusion of a two-part episode. What Molly had hoped would be a magical night with Ben, a pal she has a crush on, instead turns into a nightmare. After a shady gambler wins the deed to the Stage house from her brother Rick, Molly agrees to go to the big dance with the gangster's nerdy son so her family can keep their home. Meanwhile, Rick meets a sexy student who asks him to escort her to the dance, but his mischievous twin sisters decide to sabotage his evening.

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