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Come Dine With Me

Premier :: 2005-01-01

on Channel 4

Genre :: Game Show

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Loosen your belt, fix yourself a cocktail and settle down for a mouth-watering culinary extravaganza as five strangers battle it out for the title of ultimate dinner party host! Each night, one of the five hosts a dinner party for the other four. But this is competitive entertaining and at the end of each evening the guests award marks out of ten. The host with the most points at the end of the week wins £1,000. Each amateur chef believes they can cook up the perfect evening and hopes their unique style will clinch them the title of best host... But with gourmet guests judging every move, the culinary cracks start to show. Can the hosts rise to the challenge, or do they reach boiling point a little too quickly?

Latest Episode

Series 31 - Episode 84 - Milton Keynes, Helen
Aired - 18 December 2014

Episode summary:

On day four in Milton Keynes host Helen is hoping a night of 'East meets West' will infuse her guests with the culinary excitement needed after a few nights of mediocre fare.

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Written by :- Andybrem92 Date added 2011-11-30 00:00:00 View more Come Dine With Me.
A Come Dine With Me reviews item imageI love cooking. It is a brilliant way to take the essential and mix it with theatre, performance and awe. You can make a simple meal into an event. It all gets mildly pretentious after a point though. You know what else is amazing though? Arguments! People who hate each other being forced to spend time together!  Every instinct that has been bred into our very DNA should tell us that confron...read more
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