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Cooking Master Boy

Premier :: 1997-04-27

on Fuji TV

Genre :: Animation

Cooking Master Boy poster


This anime traces the path of up and coming young cook, Mao in 19th Century China on his road to 'Special Grade' Cook and his journeys in search of the 'Legendary Cooking Utensils'. Ju Xia Lou is a restaurant in the southwest region of China in the 19th century. After the death of Pai, the owner of the restaurant, his daughter Karin and her brother Mao help to run the restaurant. One day, Mao and another cook, Shao An who was Pai's understudy, confront each other for the position of head cook. The solution? A 'cook-off'. General Lee, an expert in Chinese cooking is asked to be the judge. Both young men are extremely good, but possess very different cooking styles. After their sumptuous feat, the general dubs Mao the winner, and realizing the boy's genius and natural skill, sends him on a journey to south China - the mecca of cooking - to become a Special Grade or Master Cook. He faces more challenges on his journey, and his skills are pitted against other cooking masters.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 52 - The Big Reversal! The Brave Chef`s Glory
Aired - 13 September 1998

Episode summary:

While Fei and his team are working away cooking, Mao is still thinking of what to cook, with his friends anxiously waiting. Finally, after observing the king for a little, he comes up with a 'theme' and they start cooking. After a lot of rushing and hurrying, they finally finish their 100 dishes just in time. Fei presents his neo Man Han Banquet, and the king takes one spoon out of each of the 100 dishes and says that he's full (implying that Mao's dishes are rejected). However, after some begging from Mao, the king decides that he will try one dish. After that, he became crazy, and started eating more and more until he finished all 100 dishes! So he askes Mao the secret behind his dishes, and Mao said that he had observed that the king had small wrists and oily skin and the theme of his food was to be healthy and fresh. Then the king declares that Mao has won, and Mao says that he doesn't want to take the job, instead travel to find the remaining cooking utensils. He then askes Fei to come along, and Fei tells them why he joined the UCS. So they set off to look for the remaining 5 cooking utensils.

Watch Episodes Online - Episode Guide

+ Series 1

+ Episode - 26 The Strongest Ace Aired - 11 January 1998
+ Episode - 19 Galaxy Noodles Aired - 26 October 1997
+ Episode - 16 The Beauty Trap Aired - 31 August 1997
+ Episode - 15 Fake Super Chef? Aired - 24 August 1997
+ Episode - 3 Super Chef Aired - 11 May 1997

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