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Blacke's Magic - Series 1
Episode 7 - Prisoner of Paradise

Aired - 19 February 1986

Episode summary:

Alex has been asked by the Justice Department to help them with the extradition of Victor Kroeger, a man who pulled a scam that netted him 122 million dollars, and has been on the run for 18 years, and who has been caught in the small country of San Marcos. It seems that Kroeger has been caught before and always manages to escape. Agent Harrison was the one who handled the extradition in Honduras five years ago, and it seems his superiors want Alex to help. Alex accepts. Leonard upon hearing of this decides to go with him in hopes of getting the money. Alex, Leonard, and Agent Harrison are met by Captain Gondolpho, who apprehended Kroeger. They also run into two of Kroeger former asociates, Stuart and Rhodes who both think that they sent each other a telegram asking the other to met them there. But it appears that Kroeger was the one who sent it. They also run into a photo journalist Leslie Davis, who wants to cover the story but Gondolpho is not sure if he should allow her but Alex c

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