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Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic

Premier :: 2008-03-23

on Sky One

Genre :: Mini-Series

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The Discworld - a magical realm quite unlike, yet hauntingly familiar to, ours - has got it's first tourist Twoflower. Rincewind, an inept ex-student wizard is given the task of guiding Twoflower through the city state of Ankh Morpork. Rincewind has two problems: firstly, as an expert coward, he doesn't feel he's the best person to guard a naive - and extremely rich, by local standards - tourist through one of the roughest cities in the multiverse. And secondly, the world is coming to an end. Never rains, eh?

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 2 - The Light Fantastic (2)
Aired - 24 March 2008

Episode summary:

As Rincewind is hounded across the Discworld by the Wizards of Unseen University, he is helped by Twoflower the Tourist, his luggage and Cohen the Barbarian. The main character is the incompetent and cynical wizard Rincewind, who involuntarily finds himself as a guide to the naive tourist, Twoflower. After they are forced to flee from the city of Ankh-Morpork after a terrible fire they are sent on a journey across the disc which is unknowingly being controlled by a board game being played by the Gods. They meet two barbarians on their way out of morpork, Bravd and Weasel. After their visit to Wyrmberg, the upside-down mountain which is home to dragons that only exist in the imagination, their journey leads them to the country of Krull, perched on the very edge of the Discworld where they are thrown off the edge of the Disc due to the Krullian's urge to find out the gender of Great A'Tuin (the turtle which is swimming through space with four elephants resting the Disc on top).
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