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Stark Raving Mad

Premier :: 1999-09-23

on NBC

Genre :: Comedy

Stark Raving Mad poster
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"Stark Raving Mad" centered on eccentric horror author Ian Stark (Tony Shalhoub, Wings, Monk) whose first novel, Below Ground, turned him into an overnight sensation. A practical-joker by nature, Ian spent the bulk of his time harassing his uptight new editor, Henry McNeely (Neil Patrick Harris, Doogie Howser, How I Met Your Mother). Sharing Ian's loft apartment were Jake Donovan (Eddie McClintock, Crumbs, AUSA, Holding the Baby), his mindless assistant, and lovable but horny mutt Edgar. Living across the hall was Maddie Keller (Heather Paige Kent, That's Life, Jenny), who tended bar downstairs in the pub that the gang frequented. Henry's snobby girlfriend, Tess Faraday (Dorie Barton, The Adventures of A.R.K.) spent a lot of time hanging out with Henry's new friends, though she resented them for taking up so much of Henry's time. Also seen from time-to-time were Audrey Radford (Harriet Sansom Harris, 5 Mrs. Buchanans, Frasier, Desperate Housewives), Henry's snooty boss who discovered (and lusted after) Ian, and her closeted husband Caesar (Chris Sarandon, Fright Night, Child's Play).

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 18 - The Pigeon
Aired - 13 July 2000

Episode summary:

While boxing with Jake on the balcony, Ian accidentally knocks a pigeon's nest filled with eggs off the ledge -- and doesn't care. But after hearing one too many of Jake's lectures about pigeon vengeance, when the mother returns to the balcony and seems to know who did it, Ian becomes more paranoid and fearful than Henry that it has come to get him. Worse, Ian's panic attack threatens a meeting Tess arranged with his favorite author, Terrance Sterling, when the pigeon refuses to go away. Meanwhile, Maddie receives somebody else's package containing an expensive cashmere sweater and likes it so much she doesn't want to give it to its rightful owner, while Henry gets seriously turned on when Tess tells him that she went to school with Terrance's lesbian daughter, Brooke, who had a crush on her.

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+ Episode - 1 Pilot Aired - 23 September 1999

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